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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Sheerly Brilliant Scheme

Day 0 - part 2

Disgusted that I'd used double points for fake first class on Air FU Slave Ship Roudge, I hatched a brilliant scheme.

Using the AeroFUPlan site, I confirmed that I could probably do what I wanted to do. I got on the piPhone 3.14 to AeroFUPlan Central (which is either Quebec or Bangalore, depending on which buttons you push).

This was sheer brilliance. It's so sheerly brilliant that I can't even think of some funny jokes to use to describe it. I can't even think of some unfunny ones, something I excel at, normally.

The change fee on an AeroFUPlan ticket is $90 plus tax, so $112. Here's what I did... I rebooked so that instead of returning home on a non-stop flight from LAS to YYZ, I would have a layover in Chicago. The flight from LAS to Chicago is on United Airways. And it's in First Class. REAL first class, not some fake bullshit 'we blocked the middle seat of your row of three flimsy econo-seats with pillows and for that you can pay us double points' Premium Slave Ship Roudge class. And the flight from Chicago to YYZ is on an Air FU Canada plane, which also has real first class seating (and a free breakfast!). It will take me a little longer to get home, but I will have comfy, comfy sleepable comfort all the way to Toronto.

The best part? I gave myself an extra 3 days in Vegas. Life is too short. If someone said you could have 3 more days in Vegas for $112, and a first class ride home, and a free breakfast, and possibly an outside chance at a handjob, what would YOU do?


Me too.

So it's all set, and now all I have to do is go to Vegas, hit a bunch of Royals, win a bunch of money, and enjoy myself. Easy peasy.

What about the 3 extra nights? Well, here’s where it comes in handy to have a host at a property where you have maintained consistent play. I emailed my Compy Mahoney at the Cal and within 20 minutes had my room extended for 3 more nights, and the limo booking moved. And my food is covered for all those days with the Gold card. I will have to do $10K a day coin in at the Cal / Fremont / Main Street Station properties each day, but I can knock that off in three hours in the morning and then do whatever I want for the rest of the day.

Now, I know this goes against my premise of not having as many situations where I need to play to a certain level to keep the goodies coming… but in the grand scheme of things, this is not much of a life-problem. Not much of one at all.

And hey, who was lucky as sin at the Cal on the No Kickers trip? Hell yes, it was Flushiepants, who scored a tournament royal for a $1500 win, and two dollar royals… all at the Cal.

(This is the same Flushiepants who conveniently forgets that the next trip I hit no royals at all. Call it Gamblervision.)

I’m not at all unhappy with the way it all turned out, because I always have a great time at the Cal. By then, I’ll be able to completely unwind, so it should be a relaxing weekend.
Call me Royal Flusher. Not the brightest bulb in the row.


    1. Is rouge that bad? I booked what i thought was AC from manchester england to las vegas via toronto and it turns out i've been rouged!! I'm kicking myself as i could have flown united or lufthansa for same price

    2. Zoe, sorry, Rouge can be very, very bad. can you re-book? let me know how it went!!!!


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