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Friday, March 25, 2016

My Worried Pretty Little Head

I woke up Monday Morning. It would be a busy day, with work in the room, and a move down the strip later on. I got some coffee (fake name Garry, which she misspelled with two ds instead) showed great discipline only playing a twenty after noticing that some fucker had gotten a Royal on my now favorite triple play machine, and headed right back up to room 2112 in the Rush Tower as I was in the mood for work.

Trying to get going I found that the wifi was still not working. So I looked in the big Hotel Directory binder that everyone reads in the toilet and is overstuffed and always has some pages that have torn holes and are constantly falling out.

There was a number given for in-room wifi internet technical support and help, so I called it.

"Golden Nugget In-Room Wifi Internet Technical Support and Help, this is Kevin, how can I help you?"

"My internet no worky. No wifi, no surfy surfy."

"Yes, sir. What room are you in?"

"I'm in room 2112."

"Sure you are," he said. "Okay, the wireless internet is down in the entire hotel."

Which made me wonder why he wanted to know what room I was in. Whatevs.

They were working on a fix and I'd just have to suck it up and use the tether. Which I did. And as I entered customer response forms (changing company names as I went to things like International Suckass Corp, Heywood Jablowme & Leave, General Mopers, Battlehork Galactispew Inc., Silicon Deedees Ltd, and Dildo Days Gymnastic Pyrotechnics Team (of Dildo Newfoundland).

Halfway through the day the wifi finally came back. But big fail on the part of the Nugget. Thank goodness their Resort Fee covers it, so named because you have to resort to using your cell phone as a tether.

I took a break to do my checkout business - take a look at coin in ($18,299) and coin out ($17,995). Not too bad.

I secured late, late check-out so I could finish my work day before moving. They wouldn't pick up any room charges though, since my play had not quite/barely covered the room revenue. And, I had comp dollars on my card.

This is something that for some reason wasn't on my radar at all. The Nugget play generates comp dollars that you can use for food, room, and other stuff at the place. I had $90 or something. The advice was in future to burn those comp dollars before asking for back-end comps, because if you have enough to cover them, they might not be as amenable.

In the Nuggets favor, unlike other places like MLife aka MILF, they don't take your comp dollars when they do backend comps.

Food for thought.

My room charges were like $109.

And included a $1.00 long distance call fee.

Which was for calling the internet support line that they themselves supply in the throne purusal Hotel Directory book, for the wifi that they themselves provide and that wasn't working across the whole hotel for the better part of a day.

I grabbed some breakfast at the Bone Jumper coffee shop - great omelette - and paid with comp dollars.
It was a pretty blustery day out, so I wasn't missing much in the way of sunshine.

Because I am a cheap bastard frugal and savvy world traveler and loser gambler, I got on the blower to the hotel desk people and asked about the $1 phone charge on my bill.

A woman answered the phone, calling me by name (because technology), and I explained.

"There's a $1 charge on my bill for, I think, calling your internet support number. Nevermind that the internet was out for half a day across the whole hotel, but I shouldn't be charged to call for help."

The answer that came back shocked me and startled me.

"Oh, don't you worry your pretty little head about that... it'll be gone, gone, gone."

The paid-for internet not being available was actually a big deal for me (and many others), and to be charged to get help... put one in the frame of mind that is opposite to the frame of mind one would be in where it would be okay with being condescendingly and inappropriately verbally fucked with.

"Excuse. Me? What did you say?...."

She must have heard the steam coming out of my ears. Her tone changed significantly to one that was proper.

She must have realized by now that it was my job as a cheeky, rude blogger to be cheeky, rude, overly familiar and sarcastic - not hers.

I have never in my life heard a staff member of a good hotel speak to me. It was best to forget about it, and I did, letting it go completely, except for remembering all the details so I could potentially complain about it to the Quad Queen, and whinge about it in my blog.

The last gasp of Nugget play was to use up my point play, the Quad Queen's point play, and whatever free play was kicking around. (The Nugget offers some multiple times per month.)

Nothing really great happened, and I wondered whether it had been worth it to grasp at straws while screwing my daily average.

This was as good as it got. As in, not very.

Work done, I packed up, walked the room nine times looking for things I'd left behind, headed down to the lobby, and summoned a Lyftber driver to take me to my next place of worship - Mandablow Bay.

My driver - Ted - pulled up and as I hauled my luggage out of the hotel, I gave the doorman a nod.

He said, as he opened the door, "I just want to tell you - good luck. We're all counting on you."

Reverse psycholo-gy
Is just the thing for me
Do NOT like my Facebook page
Whatever you do!
You are not allowed, you see.



    1. They charged you a buck for tech support? Surely you can't be serious!?

      1. They charged me for the phone call to tech support. And don't call me Shirley.

    2. Caesers will take your TRCredits as well after promising back end comps...thank you sir, may I have another.

    3. Caesers will take your TRCredits as well after promising back end comps...thank you sir, may I have another.


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