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Monday, June 20, 2016

The Wild, the Innocent, and the Tower Room Shuffle

Day 2 part 2

Not one to mess around when it comes to a crappy room, I made my way to the Luxor desk, skipping a little actually, like someone who has not yet lost any of their own money might skip. I caught a toe on the dazzle camo carpet but recovered with a nice telemark landing. Nothing was going to stop me from mediocrity!

One of the great things about various tier statuses is that you get to skip lines if you are high enough. In this case, Gold did the trick once again. Because I used to be Mlife MILF Gold. And I still have the card to prove it.

In short order, I was assigned a proper Deluxe (TM) room in the West Tower, and even better, it was ready now. (Oddly, I have ended up in the West Tower nearly every time I've ever had a tower room. It's like 15 to 1 vs. the East Tower. This also leads me to believe that the East Tower is the 'good' tower.)
I have to do this every time I ride the Tower Elevator. And you should too.
People, generally, believe me when I say this - avoid the Pyramid until it is properly renovated. Trust me on this.

So now, it was time for the Wild, the Innocent, and the Tower Room Shuffle, which entailed hauling ass up to the West Tower room to ensure it was fit for a Flusher, then hauling ass back down, to the casino, across the casino floor, and then up to the 5th floor in the Pyramid to pack my stuff, which I would then haul (along with ass) back down the elevator, across the casino floor, down the hallways to the West Tower, and up to my Deluxe (TM) room.

As I left the Pyramid Thump Thump room, I spotted a maid and an official-looking woman - and I suddenly remembered one key element of my caffeinated scroungy plans...

"Excuse me, did anyone leave a coffee maker, or a kettle in the room recently?"

"Sir, did you lose one," said the Security Sheila.

"Last time I was on this floor, I left one behind."

Security Sheila and Maid Sheila conferred.

"We have nothing like that, and anyway, you'd have to ask lost and found."

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, or lost either, in this case, or found for that matter.

The new room was very acceptable - but oddly, the single redeeming feature of the Pyramid room was that it had a real 'office' chair, in case I wanted to post on the internet for some ridiculous reason.
Flusher slept here.
And here.
And here.
When one has very little budget for gambling, one (aka 'I') has to find worthwhile, entertaining, creative endeavors to fill the time in such a way that it seems like the time was well spent, and wasn't just time when avoiding gambling.

My plan was to go on walkabout, get some exercise, bump the FatBit steps up some, and see some sites. I might even gamble a bit here and there. I got ready to roll in two kinds of checked cloth, a FatBit, and a strap-on Cameron G16. Geared up and primed, I must say, I looked pretty swish.

I headed out, taking a shortcut from the north lobby, across the road outside, and into Excalibur, foregoing the usual interior walkway and Shop Gauntlet. I noted that it was rather toasty out, even for the desert, a nice dry sunny heat. Beautiful.

Passing through Dickscabular, I noticed a craps table that was eliciting all manner of hoots and hollers from the dimwits playing it. And those dimwits had racks practically dripping with chips. I know a hot table when I smell one, and this one was set to broil. I bought in for a heady twenty dollars and put $5 on the pass line.

First roll - three, craps three. No problem. I had deep reserves - $15 dollars worth. The next roll was a seven. Nice. Back even. Next roll an eight. I put $5 behind my bet and after a few tosses, the shooter made the point. Threw a dollar yo, five on the line, seven out. And repeat until I was down to just my 'winning's, lovingly pictured below. No I did not throw it to the crew, I cashed it and pocketed the buck. I was going to need it.
My lucky craps 'winnings'.
Time for lunch, and my wristband was good for unlimited entries to both the Luxhole and the Excrapular buffets - time to try it out.

No more Round Table buffet at the castle-shaped Ex - no, of course, it looks like a modern post-modern take on a classic post-modern googie-informed mid-century chili-slingin' hangout named Easy Joe's.

Imagine the Giant from whose clippings these came! They've thought of EVERYTHING at this buffet!
You can walk, or in the post-modern parlance 'walk' from 'carvery' to 'italian' to 'salad'!

The meal was okay and included some healthy components, and some downright sketchy horrid MexMixMess components. That's where you take some Mexican foods, and mix the mess up and spoon it down like it was soylent green. Or in this case, soylent guacamole.
I actually can't believe I ate this, and that they didn't throw me out for insulting all food everywhere.

A buffet 'salad'. Or 'salad'.

Feeling like a king, and hard as bronze, I continued walkabout, with a full all-day buffet tummy, through the casino, and out the walkway, where the blazing afternoon awaited. Next stop, The Park!

A striking likeness of King Flushiepants. I work hard at curling my facial hair!

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