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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Monkeying Around With Freeplay

Note: This was a short, live post while in Vegas. The whole, proper Hallowynn trip report starts with Off to Pork Vegas -or- Panic at 33,000 Feet.

Good bye T.I., hello Luxor.

I did some heavy play at Luxor about a year ago on some dollar 9/6 Jacks, but haven't played anything but quarters since. And I've been somewhat stiffing them lately, especially on the $1000 trip.

So, naturally, the offer improved. I booked 2 nights, $125 free play, $150 resort credit, NO RESORT FEE.

And free parking. What a perk. :/

We got checked in and hit up the MLIFE booth. Long story short, I ended up with $185 in free play.

I put $20 in and played the freeplay through. It's the "Participant Trophy" kind of freeplay where you play your hand, and then it tops up your machine with a dollar amount matching what you played. Basically, you feel like you are winning every single hand!

It went extremely well, and I ended up with $241.00.
Nice to have a stake for the day, not costing me a dime. Thanks MILF!!!!

Since Luxor treated us so well, what did we do? Headed over to The Orleans Hotel and Casino to play there for the afternoon.

Off-strip places are pretty much VP heaven, and we can see ourselves staying here on future trips.

A lot of interesting things happened in the afternoon, including this almost jaw-dropper:

You are probably asking yourself, 'Flushiepants, why is that so spayshull?'

Well, besides being my eleventy billionth four to a royal, one card short, there is something odd about the hand.


    1. Is there a nice ten of clubs hiding behind that two of diamonds? Hmmmm?

    2. It was dealt on a redraw where you held no cards? It says game over.

    3. No held cards! What's my prize?

    4. where is the rest ofthe post?

    5. Four royal cards in the first four cards of a redraw. If it's a slow dealing machine, your thoughts go something like "okay Okay Yes YES...shit."

    6. If you posted 12 seconds later it would have been a perfect 12:12:12... very lucky numbers in Latvia?


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