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Monday, December 19, 2016

Save the Handshake, Bring the Money

Day 14 - Fri Nov 4 - part 2

Hey the ceiling's falling! Quick, hold it up! Heh heh.
My pretty great day continued as we played on at the Orleans.

The bar was a lot of fun.

How much is a lot? How can you possibly quantify how much fun you are having?

With Blow-fun, of course.

Don't worry, that is the Quad Queen. Mine was 0 before we went anywhere near the car.

I don't play video poker, drink, play more video poker, and drive, and neither should you.

Had a bit of luck on a slot. Yay me!

We visited the Deuces again and the boss of the place stopped by and said hello. Nice fella. I'm thinking they have a bit of computer code that notices a new player hitting a decent amount of coin in. Still waiting for the massive offers to show up though, keep the handshake, give me the moolah.
Deuces quad. Oopsies.

Another Deuces quad. Not so bad because the deuces makes it five of a kind. A quint!

Triple Oopsies.

Oh for fuck's sake. QUADRUPLE Oopsies.
By the time the day was done at the Orleans, I'd hit eleven quads. I was a quad machine!!!

The best part of it? I'd done the whole day so far on nothing - on the winnings from the Luxor free play. Now that felt gooooooood.

Back to Luxor, where I noticed you could get a really good deal on a cabana.
Rent a Cabana! 10% discount with your MILF card.

Luxor bar is open!
 We had a couple in the room and relaxed, took some out of focus pictures. What is going on with that piPhone camera???

To wrap the day up, we played in the high limit room, and I got my Fun-Blow going. I also pulled yet another stupid - playing the wrong denomination again, $2 this time. Idiot.

I ponied up more dough and won nothing. The QQ did all right on the high limit bar dollars though.

Fun-Blow says I'm having a pretty good time!
I found out there is a secret VIP washroom in the high limit area. Well, apparently, VIP stands for 'Violently I Piss'.

I took one look, one photo, and got out. Having a lot of money does not equate to good aim. On the other hand, I don't have a lot of money, and I was in there, so I guess it just comes down to a messy floor.
For dinner we hit up the Pubic House. Fitting, given the previous picture.

OK, fine, it's actually called the Pube-lick House. I mean the Pubic Louse. I mean the Probe-dick Hose.

Let me cut to the chase. I am never, ever, ever setting foot in there again. The food was pretty good, but it was so loud, I mean so ridiculously blaringly loud, that we couldn't hear each other. I ate with earplugs in, not even kidding.

I can understand a club being that loud, but a restaurant?

Philly Cheese I think. Looks good, yeah?

Steak sammie. Yum, I heard. Or didn't.
We had one more bash at some triple play before calling it a fantastic, fun, great day.

Check this out!!!

RF: Day +$130 Trip -$5445
QQ: Day +$280 Trip -$950
Combined -$6390

We'd both had a winning day, and shaved over $400 off our losses. Finally things were going in the right direction.


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    1. Continues to be a pleasure to follow the foot steps of Royal and Queen. As always, pulling for you and also pushing. Make it so Royal. PS, pleased to report I scored a Royal business card while at 4Queens from Mike. Sadly, it contained no autograph. In any event, remain my favorite degen gamer!


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