Tuesday, August 20, 2013

20th Anniversary Cheapstravaganza Blue Moon Las Vegas Trip Index

August 2013 trip report index

20th Anniversary Cheapstravaganza Blue Moon Vegas Trip

Can This Plane Go Upside Down?

Welcome to Fabulous Flusher Vegas

This Gambling Stuff is Easy (isn't it?)

Curse of the Single Lonely Diner Table

Lady Luck Blues

Four Queens and Four More Queens

Partying With Steely Dan and the Heineken Girls

Table for One at the Jimmy Buffet

Car Car Karma and Picnic at Encore

Even the Lap of Luxury Ride Needs a Seatbelt

I Think It's About Time I Eight

Turn of a Friendly Card

Kicker, Kicker, It's All About The Kicker!

Lace Up Your Bauers Everybody

Need the King of Clubs. No, wait...!

Free Rum Tomorrow

Gamble Along With Flusher At Home!

Roll Over, Wallow, and Win

Shame, That

Turning Twenties Into Hundies

Flight Home Over The Blue Moon

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