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Saturday, July 20, 2019

Summer Casino Offers in Las Vegas

Free and near-free things arrive in Flusherville and I love it.

And, much as I loathe flying Air Canada to Vegas, particularly on Rouge, my account shows a balance of over 25,000 air miles, partly thanks to the iWatch that Mrs. Flusher made me buy.

She wants me to fall down and have the iFall send for the Mounties automatically. I may have the motivation wrong, but that's the gist of it. It's got Flusher Fall Detection.

Anyway, Aeroplan gets you points when you purchase with other vendors, and for Apple stuff, there was a 7x points points offer. That's 7 Aeroplan miles for every dollar spent on an Apple iFall. Which also tells the time.

That topped me up over the magic 25K mark - enough miles to get to Las Vegas and back. (Some day... coming back will be optional. I wish.)

So a flight can be had for points and a few bucks. File that away.

My other freak flyer accounts have bits and pieces in them, not enough to get a flight, so if it's gonna happen, it's Air Fuckyou Canada.

With a way to get to Vegas, time to look at what sorts of goodies are in the casino offers bin?

Boyd bConnected

Since the great shunning of video poker players at Boyd casinos last year, my offers haven't changed too much. For a while they even went up.

I still love the downtown triumvirate of Main Street / California / Fremont, so as long as I'm enjoying it and getting decent offers, I'll keep staying and playing there.

But my expectations are low, and I know I'm not going to get any much cash back for my play. And I won't be playing anywhere near the 10K a day I used to put in.

Nope, this is a now a low-roller play. Take whatever comps come and enjoy the loco moco, but no more caring about status or tiers.

Specifically, I've got three comped nights anytime, $10 freeplay, $20 food. This is a significant downgrade from the four nights plus $50 freeplay and $75 food offers I got not too long ago.

I'm also still getting tournament offers, which are typically three nights, entry into the button bashing competition, and a dinner with all the other tournament mooks.

3 comped nights or 3 nights + tournament
$10 freeplay
$20 food

38,000 points I can use for $68 in food.

El Cortez

Hey, the El Cortez, now that they are fairly slowly and consistently gutting their video poker, like me again!

I've got a shiny cardboard mailer (don't you just love getting those things?) that get me 3 nights plus some food and freeplay. My choice of tower or Cabana suite.

But only if I say it "Ca-bahn-ya".

This is definitely an option for a downtown stint.


My offer arc has gone like this... about four years ago, use a couple of offers and mostly no-play them. Wait a year. An offer comes in, and over a year the offers improve. I start using them and giving them some play and the offers continue to improve.

The low end was something like three nights Sunday through Thursday at lower end properties, pay resort fee.

MGM's offers have escalated up adding more nights, no blackout periods, better rooms, freeplay, and resort credit. And they have gone up and up and up.

Additionally, the same offer can be booked multiple times, and I've taken advantage of this on recent trip.

Now it's four nights at any MGM property, $75 freeplay, $100 food. Book at Luxor and the offer is for a suite. This is hard to pass up.

4 comped nights
$75 freeplay
$100 food


Oh how I love staying at Wynn and eating cheese sticks in my posh, posh room instead of paying to dine at their fine restaurants!

We still get shitty offers from them, with Mrs. F. getting slightly better ones than I do, per usual.

Basically, it's a discount with various permutations like pay for two nights at casino rate, get one free, or pay for three nights, get $100 free play, and sometimes maybe we'll throw in a couple of buffets and if you earn 500 points we'll give you $100 freeplay. Prepay and get twenty bucks a night off. That kind of thing.

I pulled up the latest offer and plugged in some dates where the offer was allowed and the rate was the lowest.

Take a look at the fine print. Not only is the total cost of this "offer" almost $600, over $200 of that is resort fees and taxes on the resort fees. I haven't felt so offended since I saw Steve Dangleshorts going into the spa for a rub and tug.


...there is another way. The Wynn Slot game in which you can earn virtual gems for playing virtual slots and redeem them for free room nights that are virtually free.

I'm on it.


My days at T.I. are definitely over - current offers are for $50 a night on some nights. Meh.


I've been giving Caesars properties a bit more play in the last year, including a stay at Bally's, which I enjoyed. And I did some tier matching to get Platinum status, whatever good that will do.

It looks like I have Sun-Thurs comp nights at the lower end properties - Flamingo, Planet Hollywood, Bally's, The Linq. Caesars can be had for under $100 a night.

All of these require paying the resort fee.


I thought Tropicana still liked me, with offers of 3 nights twice a month, but with the change in management, and my reduced play there, I seem to be dropping off the cliff.

In July I have 3 comped nights with $25 food per day - and you now have to pay the resort fee on comped rooms. This didn't used to be the case.

My nights are now restricted to Sun-Thurs, but more importantly, are restricted to the point that there aren't any nights after July.

This is the last offer in the hopper, so I think I am persona non tropicana there again.


I have various two for ones, casino rates, discounts etc. at Cosmopolitan, The D, Golden Nugget, and Plaza - nothing that seriously interests me.

Still - lots of options for a cheap bastard like moi. Stay tuned!

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Royal Flusher's Daily Vegas Pic - July 13, 2019 - 2.0

Exciting news! Royal Flusher Vegas has gotten a makeover!

Jimmy Poon has been working extremely hard behind the scenes, cobbling up a whole new set of what he calls 'code' for the blog.

And I've been super busy designing a new logo, and looking at swatches of computer screen fabric, to decorate.

I'm really happy with how this has turned out. Like Steve Wynn in days gone by, we've got 'easy navigation... and we're glad you're here'.

The biggest change is seen on the desktop version of the site - mobile users won't see too much difference on the main page, save the logo, but the trip report pages will look a bit different.

The desktop site feels more open and airy, and less cramped, and purple has been relegated to an accent color, rather than having everything on the page swathed in a huge purple Barney-like background.

We have the ability to put content cards up on the main page for any sort of content - for example, when there is a trip report on, we can stuff cards for the latest few posts right at the top for that - err - easy navigation.

There's still a few more things I have to yell at Jimmy Poon about tweaks we have to make, but hopefully, we're most of the way there.

If you see anything not working right, don't blame me, blame Jimmy Poon - but tell me about it on twitter or facebook or something.

So that's what we've been up to. And there's more... at long last, a trip to Vegas is in the planning stages. I'll be writing about that soon.

I've written as Royal Flusher on the internets in one form or another for many years, but this here blog is about to reach it's 10th anniversary - I kicked it off in August of 2009. Seems hard to believe, but I haven't lost my fascination with all things Las Vegas.

Here's to the next decade. We're just getting started!

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Royal Flusher's Daily Vegas Pic - June 4, 2019 - Hard Rock Mr. Lucky's

I loved the pre-expansion Hard Rock Hotel casino like a Stratocaster likes a Marshall stack.

The casino was round, in homage to records - something that people can still relate to, thanks to the resurgence of music stored on vinyl. It featured hardwood and the hottest cocktail waitress uniforms you've ever seen. Thus the hardwood.

Besides the amazing music memorabilia, one of the best things was the off-the-menu 777 Gambler's Special at Mr. Lucky's, which qualified as the property coffee shop, I suppose.

For $7.77, you got a full meal with steak, topped with three huge shrimp, vegetable and salad.

I'm excited to see what changes Virgin has in store for this property. We'll find out in 2020!

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Royal Flusher's Daily Vegas Pic - June 1, 2019 - Luxor Waterfall

Back in the day when casinos were themed, Luxor had an amazing indoor waterfall. We'd sit nearby and play Bonus Poker, and feel like we were in an oasis, near a fake waterfall.

The pool is still there and tourists still throw money into it. And degenerates like me eyeball it as a source of change, should things go terribly awry in the gambling department.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Royal Flusher's Daily Vegas Pic - May 9, 2019 - Excalibur

Although the Las Vegas strip has done everything in its power to completely eradicate all signs of the natural flora and fauna of the valley in which it nestles, quietly, waiting to pounce on you with 7 7 blank and four to a royal, sometimes nature stuff does crop up for a moment or two.