Saturday, March 17, 2018

Room Sweet Room

With the live updates wrapped up, I'm very busy writing up the tall tales and adventures of savvy degenerism on this recent trip.

So don't worry, there will be more gambling stories coming shortly.

Meanwhile, I thought I'd share this little gem off of Vegas Message Board, which I thought was hilarious.

I wrote it, so naturally I'd think that.

The question posed in this thread was how do you make the room your own?

The responses were very interesting, ranging from chucking stuff into a corner to going on an all-out germ warfare routine.

OK, first things first - every time I enter the room, immediately wash my hands. So I guess first thing is unwrap the soap.

I also test the extra room keys to make sure they work.

Suitcase goes on the stand, and I remove the foot thingy that goes across the bed.

I call down to see if my standing order from Amazon has arrived, and wait for them to bring it up. Meanwhile, I put a few room things away in a large trash bag and tape around the windows with green tape, get some music going, and maybe go and get some ice.

I usually pause for a beer here, check the locks on connecting doors, check window locks, and then push the furniture to the center of the room. When my goods arrive, I wash the walls down with a mixture of TSP and water - one of the garbage cans, first cleaned, is great for mixing this up.

As the walls are drying, I move into the bathroom and TSP the walls in there, and also the tiles. Back in the main room, I use an angle brush to cut along the ceiling lines and wall corners and apply the first coat of Benjamin Moore eggshell Warm White with a roller. I don't worry about the carpet. And I'm not anal, I don't treat the ceiling.

With that done, I move to the bathroom and install new faucets in the sink and shower - Delta all the way, baby. The new bath-grade laminate usually installs nicely over the existing tile, as long as you use enough leveling compound first.

In the past I have called engineering up to help me remove the carpet in the main room - it can be quite a chore and its good to have some help. Five bucks a man usually paves the way for a good clean removal.

Prior to that, I move all the furniture out into the hallway, and check on the standing order from House, Home and Hardwood. They don't always have my sectional in the right fabrics and I often have to make a snap decision.

With the bathroom done (mirror tiles work wonders on all the walls in there), the main room walls done, the laminate installed, the new furniture put in, I have a second beer and call in my Feng Shui expert to place ottomans, vases, lamps and the like to turn the room into a zen oasis - the energy has to flow smoothly so that it is not at odds with my relaxed, easy-going personality.

It's pretty easy to hang new doors if you order the pre-hung ones, so I usually manage that by myself, and with the new draperies up, I'm ready for the casino! 

Monday, March 12, 2018

All Flavors of Hell Breaking Loose Wind - Monday 12-March-2018

Tuesday 13-March-2018 02:00am (EDT)

My melon-shaped head hit the pillow and I was instantly asleep, or would have been if not for Chippy's dog breath as she sat on Master's chest.

Quad Queen, Chippy, Fucking Snow, home sweet home.

Monday 12-March-2018 5:49pm (EDT)

So here's the way it went... I was booked to fly yesterday, Sunday, out of Vegas at 11:35am to Philadelphia, and then a connecting flight to Watertown.

The PHL flight was delayed due to mechanical issues, and I got the email saying I could rebook because of the unmakeable connection.

Using my savvy Internet Skillz, I determined that there were only 3 options. a) try and make it and probably spend the night in Philadelphia on American Airlines' dime b) take a different route through Phoenix, and a red-eye on to PHL and then Watertown c) rebook on a 9:15am flight the next day and have a leisurely layover in PHL.

I got on the phone and they tried to charge me, but I had 'em. Rebook, done. No charge. Another day in Vegas. Next, clear with Veeblefetzer. Next... go and see host to get the room extended for another night.

And I spent the day in Vegas, with the added bonus of hanging out with my cousin, Dr. Raoul Shibumi, the penguin rancher and wrangler from Manitoba.

I woke up with somewhat of a headache. Let's just say that.

Oh - the Uber driver was an asshole. Drove like an idiot, longhauled me through the tunnel to Terminal 1, and cemented our love-fest by dropping me off at Southwest instead of American.

Anyway, here I am in PHL - any recommendations for something to eat in D, E or F terminals? Drop a line on my Facebook.

Monday 12-March-2018 5:39am

Il'll explain more later... I was booked to fly home yesterday

Didn't happen.

Another day in Vegas and shenanigans with no other than the infamous Dr Raoul Shibumi?!

This is from the piPhone so no fancy writin

More later!

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Saturday's Child Has Far To Go - Saturday 10-March-2018

Saturday 10-March-2018 9:48pm

Had a blast playing coin dropper Pay the Aces, No Faces at Main Street Station. $40 lasted me two hours and 900 or so hands.

Then those damn slant tops ate three times that in about eight minutes. I swear there is something more volatile about those slant Game Kings, compared to the old uprights.

The problem with uprights is... it can be very painful to play them for many hours.

Saturday 10-March-2018 3:50pm

Things continue to be choppy - just when you think you've got it sorted... 

Met up with Casey at the D to do my $25 match play, and two $5 match plays too, emboldened by the ticket you see below.

First I lost $40 at the Longbar, but gained a couple of Long Boards. Excellent. Then blackjack.

It went great for a while, but lost the $25 match play on a dealer blackjack. I had a good hand, too, 19.

Things really turned for good when I bet $15, doubled it, and the twit sitting at third base next to Casey refused to double on an Ace 6 against a dealer 6. Of course I lost the hand, and we kept track of what would have happened if she'd doubled - dealer would have busted. 

It went halfway into the dumper, then they changed dealers and it plummeted into the dumper.

Casey showed good instincts, wanting to walk with maybe 45% of our stake. My degenerate nature kept me obsessively in play until it was all gone except $20, dragging Casey with me to $0.

By the way, some dealers are great and some suck ass. The dickhead who finished us off - first hand, I'm dealt 20 against his 3 or something.

Fucking guy points at my hand, waiting for me to tell him no I don't want to make the stupidest draw in blackjack ever, thank you. Help a guy out and you might see a few tips. No need to even ask on 20.

A quick visit to the good ole downtown deuces at the Elco killed off $50 in about 14 minutes.

What happened?!!

Saturday 10-March-2018 10:12am

Violent video poker plan violently executed. I should Patton this.

(See what I did there?)

Saturday 10-March-2018 8:04am

The ole flusher bankroll is at stake (heh). Looks like I've got some gambling to do!

What do you do at the end of the trip? Do you coast smoothly and carefully? Do you go balls out and violently?

Yeah, I'm up for some damn violent video poker.


Friday, March 9, 2018

Catshit Bonus Time - Friday 9-March-2018

Friday 9-March-2018 11:48pm

Note to self: Fire incompetent host.

Had a very enjoyable meet-up with a long-time blog supporter and reader. I'd asked my host if she could set up a comp for two people at Redwood Steakhouse and she said and I quote "yes honey, what time?". I reconfirmed that it was for two, not one person.

Dinner was great as always and when the bill came, it wasn't covered. Awkies.

Friday 9-March-2018 3:34pm

Made the move back downtown and had a long session of blackjack. After an hour I was up $6. After two hours I was down $50. After three hours I was down $80. I never really got it going. At the end I got felted (which I rather enjoyed) by the dealer with the sweetest smile ever, Lynn.

I'd lazarused five times but in the end, they get it all. Which is different from getting it all in the end.

One cool thing happened - four simu-blackjacks, one for everyone that was playing the hand.

Four Blacks Jack.
Friday 9-March-2018 9:00am

Got an interesting day lined up which will include such activities as drinking, over-eating, and gambling.

Mic drop.

I'm not feeling particularly inspired due to happenings back in Flusherville, but Vegas is in front of me, and I won't waste it.

Besides, you Flushies want me to get into some kind of hilarious trouble, and I can't let you down on that score.

Hey, maybe I'll even win the catshit bonus!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Vicki Turn Your Back On Me - Thursday 8-March-2018

Thursday 8-March-2018 9:33pm

This was a very crazy day for various reasons. At the Cal tonight, that progressive was up over $1800 so I went after it. Got some good hands but didn't take it down. When I left it was well over $2000.

I watched a drug deal go down on the SDX bus, and I got my diploma for the Grommet One conference.

I'm free of volunteer commitments now!

Thursday 8-March-2018 1:41pm

When getting comped tickets at the Tropicana, and having been asked which show one wants to see, replying "Magic one. I want to see some magic. Let's hope that this one can stay out of jail." is met with a new level of cold stony silence, and a heavily restrained (but still there) stink eye from all concerned.

Thursday 8-March-2018 5:02am

Up early this morning, after a night of sweet dreams of Vikki Dougan walking away.

When I was a lad, my father had a record by the Limeliters (The Slightly Fabulous Limeliters) and on that album was a song about Vikki Dougan, who caused a sensation (and exposed a new cleavage) in her daring, backless gowns.

And all of a sudden, there she was, included in a series of way cool vintage Vegas photos in the Cosmopolitan.

I'm not busty, so what's a girl to do?
Apparently, Miss Dougan was the inspiration for Jessica Rabbit.