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    Saturday, January 25, 2020

    Christmas in Carol

    One thing about the Wynn - there is always someone who plays bigger than you. In my case, most of the clientele plays bigger than me.

    Day 8 part 3

    We walked down the curved hallway to the elevators. Our room was the perfect distance from there, about a dozen or 15 rooms down the hall. We were away from any noise (not that there is any) but the ice machine was close at hand. That's important when you are room camping at the Wynn.

    I love how the casino music is carried forward into the elevator cars. It's such a nice transition, either way you are going.

    We walked out of the walkway to the casino, dodging a pretty busy crowd. Walking past a blackjack table on the corner, I saw a player coloring up a good sized stack of yellow $1000 chips. A couple of those represented my entire budget. But compared to the quiet Asians in the high limit room playing baccarat, he was small potatoes. I guess that made me a shred of hash brown. Underdone.

    It doesn't really faze me anymore, with over sixty trips to Vegas under my belt, I've seen a few things. I know who I am, when it comes to bankroll, and I know who I'm not. And I'm definitely not Banana Man.

    In spite of a few nice wins along the way today, I was doing so-so (i.e. not losing too terrible much) and the Quad Queen was doing a little better on the day.

    We found the little group of six old IGT Game King machines that I like to play. The three on the casino side (as opposed to the pit side) have quarter video poker on them and more importantly for me... decent keno paytables. The drink service there is good, and if you sit on the end, there's lots to watch while you go Dink Dink Dink 800 times on video keno.

    I let the Quad Queen have the outside seat, because some rich mook lady was on the end machine. Maybe she was Mrs. Banana Man, I don't know.

    She was one of those players who have more gold than sense. I did what I always do - ignored her.

    The Quad Queen got off to a Pointy start pretty quickly on the shitty 6/5 Bonus Poker. Good going!

    There's not a lot of low end video poker to play at Wynn. The best machines are a group of 8 Game Kings right at the front of the casino, next to the Take My Selfie in Pouty Flowerland garden, not far from Parasol Up, Down, Right, Left and Sideways.

    The cocktail waitress kept coming by at a regular clip. Once we got our travelers down, the rule was we could never turn down an offer for a Christmas Eve drink, and the Maker's Marks and Jameson's were stacking up like 737s waiting to land at to O'Hare in a snowstorm. (In other words, any day between November and Easter.)

    I tipped appropriately for the season and before long we were glowing like Rudolph's shnozz.

    I lifted my face of the screen long enough to capture the moment of four 9s. Quad Queen again. (Where were my hits????)

    Friday, January 24, 2020

    Have a Wynnderful Christmas

    Did someone say free kiosk game swipe and wipe buffet lunch at Main Street? Yes, someone did. And that someone was some me.

    Day 8 part 2

    Carefully crafted hand-assembled dog's breakfast on a plate. It tasted great, especially the carnitas.

    Is this a casino or a church picnic?
    After lunch, we headed back to the Cal. I had a secret Double or Nothing spy mission to perform - stash a card for a faithful reader of the blog.

    Nice looking wreath...

    Looks even nicer with an Official Business Card 2.0 stuffed into its bosom.

    I later got word that the intended recipient spy had successfully retrieved the card and the microfilm.

    Microfilm is great, it holds 10 to 12 grainy black and white shots of vaguely Eastern European-looking men in trenchcoats getting into oddly shaped cars, the models of which you've never heard of. Like the Krakaren Skittermobil sedan.

    Thursday, January 23, 2020

    Open Up the Golden Gate

    I hit ten fours of a kind on video poker before breakfast. And I can prove it.

    Day 8

    It was Christmas Eve Day Morning and the furniture was acting possessed, like it often does around various pagan holidays, particularly those that happen around the solstice.

    Yesterday I'd walked out of the bathroom in our luxury accomodations at the California, and just about done a header by almost tripping on a drawer that was left fully pulled out.

    But the Quad Queen insisted she hadn't pulled it out (nor would she have any reason to, unless she was trying to off me for my match play coupons) and we put it down to weirdness.

    This morning, on my way out the door, I looked back and... it was happening again.

    Either these drawers were haunted by spirits from the Furniture Beyond, or Egon Mukx was at work, trying to thwart my attempts to spy on his evil goings on.

    We closed them up, but the next time we returned to the room... there they were again. Sneaking their way open, trying to trip us up.

    The Egon Mukx Drawers of Death
    My game of choice this morning was the single line Double Super Slutty Sloppy Times Pay - the one opposite Green Boy. Yep, that's the one, and who cares.

    I really like this game. You can get a spinner on the Deal, and it spins and you go oooh I hope it's a good multiplier, and then you get it, and you get the rest of your cards and go oooh I hope I have a good dealt hand and then you hold your cards and go oooh I hope I get a second backdoor multiplier especially if you have a good dealt hand and then you go oooh I got one I hope it is a good backdoor multiplier, and then hopefully you win a wet pantload of money.

    I decided to keep the volatility down, way down, so I went for Jacks or Better. Not Bonus, not Boner Deluxe, Not Double Double... plain old Jacks.

    So I'm playing away - minding my own business - and I get dealt a few cards and a spinner and I go oooh I hope it's a good spinner and it is - it's a 10x one.

    My hand is three sevens - an excellent start, and so I hit Draw and think oooh I hope I get a quad - and I did! Or, actually ten quads - or at least, the fiduciary equivalent thereof.

    It's so nice to get something decent with a 10x multiplier! Great start to my day.

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