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Sunday, May 1, 2022

Triumphant Return to Triumph

Day 2 part 1 May 1 and I woke up after five and a half hours of not bad sleep. My first full day in Vegas, what would it bring?

The Little Giant survived the trip and oh my God having that cup of freshly brewed coffee ready right upon waking, without having to go anywhere, is priceless.

Being a savvy blogger, I got busy and wrote up last night. Then I took a nice hot shower, and shaved. I went from feeling 9% human to at least 42% human.

It always takes me a while to get my crap organized at the start of the trip - which cards do I need, do I have the ID and credit cards I need, what about good luck charms, what about socks?

Bobby G, I hope to hell these are lucky socks.

I was getting hungry. Perhaps punishment breakfast?

With all the blogging and prep out of the way, I embarked on Morning Walkabout. I wanted to check on some free play here and there, and see some more of my favorite sights - casinos.

Just out the door, I found the housekeeping supervisor. Trust me, the short sheeted skanky foot madness will be remedied forthwith!

First stop, though, was the Four Queens for breakfast. Magnolias. Because I have $87 in comps there for food.

Country Throw-up Gravy.

Before I get ahead of myself though, I was, in fact, led directly to the Single Lonely Diner table. I knew it before the hostess even started walking. And I stood up for my rights.

"I don't want your Single Lonely Diner table! I reject your pigeonholing me into the worst table in the restaurant, directly in the path of the walkway to and from the kitchen, within mere inches of gouged walls and stinky bus trays, just because I am a party of one. Now, if you want to party with me, [pause for emphasis] you'd better find me a real table, pronto. Because I won't stand for nomenclatural prejudice just because I am 'one'."

After the thunderous applause died down, I was made to wait in the uncomfortable park bench 'holding pen' for some minutes.

But eventually, I was assigned a booth. One that was available the moment I'd ascended into Magnolias.

Just after ordering, Katrina appeared. "Sugar Baby!!!"

We shared a long hug and compared notes about how it was the last couple of years. She's doing fine and so are we.

Behold! The Original! Country Throw-up Gravy #CTUG

Of course I had to have the country fried steak and eggs with CTUG. I skipped the toast.

I used to laugh at how they would bring you a steak knife for what was actually a ground beef patty, coated and deep fried. You could cut it with a fork.

The steak knife appeared again and... this time I needed it. I hate to say it but this CTUG was sub-par. The beef was some sort of actual steak, tough, grisly, and overdone.

I ate most of it anyway and paid with points. On my way out, I gave Katrina another hug and a 'special green handshake'

A quick stop at the Mikes bar yielded a reunion with Mike and a quad, and I left the Four Queens up a few bucks.

Profit of $56. Thank you very much Four Queens!

By the way, this is still here, whoever can get there first.

Spot the Flusher Card

Next stop, a test withdrawal at an ATM nearby, to check that it works, and prime the pumps a little more.

It's best to have lots of bullets, right, and I only brought a few hundies with me.

Onward to The D. No freeplay here, and $20 lost on Keno. So many things have changed here, including the new Bar Canada, and revamped Keno lounge.

Next stop the El Cortez, where I confirmed that they have indeed gutted and removed the ancient, vintage, wonderful, throw-back, quaint, special Keno lounge.

All for just a few more stupid machines to sit empty.

El Cortez, where special used to be found.
It's heartbreaking.

I took revenge by playing on a Keno machine in where the lounge was.

$20 in, $100 out, thank you very much El Cortez.

Next stop, the Downtown Grand, and it looks like the Fremont is really expanding their casino floor space. I guess the once-announced tower got canned with COVID.

I walked around a bit, taking in the current state of affairs at the Downtown Grand, which I've always liked.

In an alcove where the High Limit room used to be, I found a nice, quiet corner with a nice quiet machine with nice quiet Bonus Poker on it, which nicely, quietly, dealt me three to a Royal after only about 15 hands.

And I nailed it!


Oh how triumphant! And what a great feeling to get the monkey off my back! Many trips I've gone without any Royals, but here I am, living up to my name, and I haven't even been in town for 12 hours yet.

Just to be nasty, I put $20 in the machine next to it and took out $40.

I left the card on the machine and if you go find it, and pull up Bonus Poker, you might see my Royal.

What a day, and what a trip! All the well wishes are really doing the trick.

One more note - I said hello to Max from Keno today. That made me happy.

The money didn't suck either.



    1. Congrats on the great start!

    2. Excellent beginning! So excited you're back and off to a great start.

    3. Getting into town on wednesday hope to find the illusive flusher 2.0 card. Making note of the ones left so far...Great job on the royal!!

    4. Big congrats on the quick royal, royal. You the man in many ways.

    5. Chicken fried steak at the Binions cafe is pretty good and about the same price.

    6. Awesome! So good to see you finally back in Vegas.

    7. This does put a smile on my face.

    8. Yeah, boy! Get that bread, RF!!!


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