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Las Vegas Trip Report Index

I've been writing Las Vegas trip reports for quite a while now. It's easier than slipping a twenty dollar bill into a video poker machine and watching it go up in smoke to read all the thrilling and degenerate trip reports on this site!

Special Guest Trip Report!


  1. Mr Flusher,
    Recently I stumbled over your trip report on the LV message board. Quickly I found myself reading another or previous report. Couple thing strike me - - have you given any though to adding some humor to your reports and second, how on god's green earth does one stay in LV for 2 F------ weeks? Good lord man, you and queen are super human?

    Seriously, your reports are a gas and your degenerate way reminds me of me (I'm around 100 trips in past 28 years or so and gambling issue with VP) since forever I also have a queen but she is a plain queen no quad in the name and actually, not a lucky queen either. This may explain my frequent solo trips.

    Admittedly, I'l a strip guy but recently more time downtown has crossed my small mind. After reading of your travels, downtown sounds evern better.

    Keep up the good work in LV flushman and all the worse to you (akin to break a leg).....
    Love your reports

    Frank (frankie two skirts) Nic...

  2. Flusher- Your trip reports drive me to hysterical laughter! Myn wife and I stay only at Southpoint, because I can VP at almost 100%! Continue , and may the poker gods enrich you!!

    Dave Caplan

  3. I've enjoyed your trip reports for years Flusher and finally got around to donating a few bucks.
    would love to hear when you are next in vegas and I will buy you a beer...or shot of Makers :)

    1. Thank you for your donation!!!! I've also enjoyed my trip reports for years!


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