Friday, September 15, 2017

Lost Weekend Las Vegas

I'm sitting here in Las Vegas. My ears are ringing. I have a little bit of a dry cough. My hand is a tad bit shaky as it reaches for a cardboard cup now half full of luke-warm tap water coffee from Mr. Takeout.

I thought it would be wise to have a coffee maker in my room, so they brought up Mr. Takeout. You've probably seen their ads.

"Mr. Takeout! Real take-out style coffee at home! Complete with flimsy cups, plastic lids with Spil-Prone(tm) technology, and a 30 day supply of non-edible creamer!"*

*Truck drivers with four day stubble and three smokes going at the same time not included.

But I'm thankful for Mr. Takeout - my head is starting to ache a little bit less.

It seems like a good idea to do some live dispatches from Las Vegas, but I won't be doing a chronological blow by blow meal by meal victory by victory whine by whine winner loser all singing all dancing trip report.

Instead, I'm going to try something a little different and post the good parts. They may not be in the order things happened, but what the heck. It might be fun.

Las Vegas Pocket Dump

So I'm sitting here with my Mr. Takeout coffee trying to make sense of it.

It's a good thing I'm well provisioned with Mr. Takeout coffee supplies.

Mr. Takeout Hotel Coffee Maker
Mr. Takeout in room coffee maker. Think they overdid it?....

More Vegas Pics of the Day


  1. I knew I should have went to Vegas this week. Great Luck!

    --wpete, aka Lucas McCain

  2. A very nice man sat next to me at the bar in Main Street Station. I was diligently playing the rules of parlay and had made it up to the dollar level......and then came the lovely straight flush for $250 - nice - the man said "Oh, you are playing at the dollar level".....I continued on schooling him in the rules of parlay and asked him if he had heard of it and also wondered if he knew about Royal Flusher. He said he had then proceeded to turn toward the person sitting on the other side of him. Shortly, he turned back toward me and handed me a business card. OMG!!!!!!! It was a Royal Flusher Card. I was star struck and excited to meet this man whose blogs I have so much fun reading. He took a pic of my straight flush and in my excitement of meeting him, I failed to capture that picture, so Flusher, I am asking if you will send me a copy of that picture you took.

    Ginger Taylor


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