Royal Flusher's LP Vegas Trip Report

The LP Vegas Trip Report live updates are over... because the trip is in the bag. That doesn't mean the insanity is done though, I'll be writing the complete blow by blow report and filling in some incredible missing details from the on-the-fly live notes.

Poon-o-matic Gamble Gauges


Live status updates from Las Vegas!

Bankrolls ($1000 stake)

Coupons, Comps, Cash

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  1. 2:01 CST May 23
    BJ up 20
    Craps up 199
    VP/Slots up 361
    Total 580

    Top gauge says $640. That's some Poon-tastic math there.

    1. Jimmy Poon missed a $60 Keno win. He will get half an hour less Final Fantasy XV time tonight.

  2. Seeing a lot of green on those gauges, good luck on your last night!!


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