Royal Flusher's Fortieth Las Vegas Trip Report

Here's the account of our 40th trip to Las Vegas. Critically received and recognized internationally as a blog post, this trip report has something for many, including words and phrases.

We took my nice Lamondo, the filmmaker with at least one 'good eye', and her beatnik boyfriend Clevedge.

"Clevedge is a kind of quiet guy, which is good, because you can't really hear what he says through the 10" bangs that hang directly over his face. He also sports some sort of dark, dark, dark Ray Bans in what look to be Roy Orbison frames. I think he wanted to be a poet, except it was too much work making things rhyme."

The report begins with some marginally fascinating pre-trip planning with lots of gambling strategy, comp comparison information, and blue-sky dreaming on how to play $1000 in about six hands of video poker.

The trip proper begins here.

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