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I've been writing Las Vegas trip reports for quite a while now, and it wasn't always easy to figure out what was where or read back through a trip... well, be frustrated no longer! It's now easier than slipping a twenty dollar bill into a video poker machine and watching it go up in smoke to read all the thrilling and degenerate content on this site!

Here's the chronological index of all the trip reports posted here on Las Vegas the Royal Flusher Way. Enjoy!

Royal Flusher's Las Vegas Trip Reports Date

The Shut Up And Deal Trip

Las Vegas. March Madness, 2019. Jimmy Poon has sent me on a waking dream zen peyote gambling mission. To find my soul? To find a bathroom? No. To find my money.

March 2019

The Triple-Play Triple Trip

Three resorts, three days each - Aria 51, Wynn, and the California. And, the Quad Queen's return after over a year away from Vegas!

December 2018

The Purple Chip Trip

Another trip full of surprises, with the goal of winning my first ever $500 purple chip.

Bally's, Luxor, and the California see savvy action and degenerate decisions. And, I play the Downtown Deuces for what turns out to be the last time.
October 2018

Electric Flusher Carnival Trip Report

Probably the worst-planned trip of all time.
May 2018

Royal Flusher's No-Roller Trip Report

From drunken Irish stag parties to Elvis Costello taking on Steve Dangleshorts at Encore to the Downtown Deuces, this solo no-roller no budget trip was full of surprises.
Feb/Mar 2018
Blunder Down Under - The Search for Sheilas

Flusher and the Quad Queen hit Vegas and keep on going, all the way to Australia.

From Koala tastings to playing the pokies, it's an upside-down crazy adventure - with more Vegas on the way home, too.
Oct/Nov 2017
The Lost Weekend Trip

"I'm sitting here in Las Vegas. My ears are ringing. I have a little bit of a dry cough. My hand is a tad bit shaky as it reaches for a cardboard cup now half full of luke-warm tap water coffee from Mr. Takeout."

What could be more appropriate than an out-of-the-blue weekend trip to Vegas?
Sept 2017
The Long Playing Trip

The LP Vegas Trip Report is boss! Aces galore, Poon-o-matic Gamble Gauges, rare LP covers from Royal Flusher Records... what more could you cats want?
May 2017
Planning The Long Playing Trip May 2017
The Winny Christmas Trip

Wynn Las Vegas. Christmastime.

What could go wrong?!

"December 19, 2016 I did my work as required.
Sick as a Calcutta call girl."
December 2016
The HalloWynn Trip

Are the costumes packed? Yes they are! Royal Flusher and Quad Queen return to Las Vegas to gamble, party, and frolic in carefully arranged faux fur.

We hit no less than five different Sin City properties - one of 'em twice
October 2016
Planning The HalloWynn Trip
and trying to make Divana happy
October 2016
The Las Vegas $1K Scrounge Trip

The challenge... to travel to Las Vegas and stay for 12 days on a gambling budget of $1000US.

To make it work, I've pulled every cheap bastard frugally savvy trick I can think of.
June 2016
Planning the Las Vegas $1K Scrounge Trip June 2016
Thumbnail Sketch Trip Report

"In one of his worst transgressions, Angelo stopped at an intersection - where there was no stop sign.

And in what was probably his worst transgression, at the next intersection, he ran the stop sign. Nobody coming, or I could have been a goner."
January 2016
In the Eyes of Money Trip Report

And then I said to the Quad Queen, "Oh darnit. I got another stupid Royal Flush. I can't seem to stop."

October 2015
Just The Facts Trip Report

How to explain the stuff that happened today???

It started odd, got weird, then strange, then weirder.
August 2015
What Goes Around Spins Around Trip Report

"Having used up my freeplay, I set my mercenary 'Make the Four Queens Pay' strategy into effect - they were going to buy me lunch."
May 2015
Newd Year Trip Report

"Kenny, that had to be better than my day. The highlight was looking out the window in minus 20 and watching a dog crap on my front yard. Yeah you definitely had a better day."

"Well..." said Kenny, and after a pause, "...I don't know. What kind of dog?"
January 2015
No Kickers Trip Report

As my recording states, "It was a great day, and a great trip, the most successful trip we've ever had in every respect. Great fun, most winning dollarses, most royals, by far the record... we did it. We beat them. We beat them fair and square, we beat the crap out of them. We got the money, we got the goods, we got all the shit, they gave us the shit for free. Act like you don't need the shit and they give you the shit for free." I think most of a bottle of champagne was in effect, there.
November 2014
Kenny and LuLU Trip Report

"Vegas in summer… how bad could it be anyway?" This is the all-new trip report recounting the exciting, thrilling, and oft-times tragic events of my trip to Vegas in July 2014 with Kenny Blankenship and his wife LuLU (who insists it be spelled that way). Whether it was a 103 degree cat-fight in Tacos El Gordo, or the infamous Wynn Ice Swan Rant that made the difference, this was a Vegas trip like no other.
July 2014
Nifty Fifty Trip Report April 2014

Royal Flusher's Trip Reports Date
The Spirit of Savvy December 2013
The Cheapstravaganza Blue Moon Trip August 2013
The Victory Trip February 2013
Reboot My Heart Trip Report October 2012
Vegas Revenge - Part 2 the Sequel 3: Avenged Trip Report June 2012
Las Vegas Revenge Trip Report April 2012
Royal Flusher's Fortieth Las Vegas Trip

Here's the account of our 40th trip to Las Vegas.

Critically received and recognized internationally as a blog post, this trip report has something for many, including words and phrases.
November 2011
Royal Flusher Returns May 2011
Mrs. Flusher Viva Las Vegas El Solo

Mrs. Flusher takes on Las Vegas solo, acapella, on her own, and by her lonesome, without me, Royal Flusher, at her side. Serves me right for going on my own! Read on and let's see how she did - along with a super secret surprise twist change-up in the middle of it!
April 2011
Las Vegas Single-o

Doing Sin City Single-o is a great experience. It gives a guy room to breathe, you know?

Like switching from briefs to boxers.

I had a great time on my own, and now you can have a great time reading about it, on your own. Enjoy! 
March 2011
Ooh Las Vegas Trip Report

The Las Vegas landing ritual is to listen to the Cowboy Junkies' ethereal version of  “Ooh Las Vegas” as we coast into the valley. It's perfect for that personal, reflective time when the engines are throttled back on descent and the plane goes quiet as people start to think about how much money they are probably going to lose in the next 3 to 4 days.
June 2010
Will Gamble 4 Food

This trip report dates from 2009 and is the first trip report I published here on Las Vegas, the Royal Flusher Way.

Inside you'll find the savvy, such as being dealt some great hands, and the degenerate, such as my incredibly long quadless streak.
April 2009
Blast from the Past: Gambling Games of the First Olympiad of Las Vegas

The summer of 2008. What a classic. The economy was in the dumper, but what better time to take a Vegas trip! (Is there ever a bad time to take a Vegas trip?)

We created and competed in the ultimate gambling competition at the highest levels of the sport in the Gambling Games of the First Olympiad of Las Vegas.
August 2008
Vintage Vegas from 2002 - Vegas on $19 a Night

Here, for your reading pleasure, the never before seen anywhere Vegas exploits of Royal Flusher, doing it right, nineteen a night.
August 2002
Sonyc-Vysion(tm) Vintage Las Vegas Trip Report

With Sonyc-Vysion(tm), your senses come alive as your hear the actual sounds that were recorded using highly technical and professional means (through a microphone located near my fly.) 
December 1999

Special Guest Trip Report!

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  1. Mr Flusher,
    Recently I stumbled over your trip report on the LV message board. Quickly I found myself reading another or previous report. Couple thing strike me - - have you given any though to adding some humor to your reports and second, how on god's green earth does one stay in LV for 2 F------ weeks? Good lord man, you and queen are super human?

    Seriously, your reports are a gas and your degenerate way reminds me of me (I'm around 100 trips in past 28 years or so and gambling issue with VP) since forever I also have a queen but she is a plain queen no quad in the name and actually, not a lucky queen either. This may explain my frequent solo trips.

    Admittedly, I'l a strip guy but recently more time downtown has crossed my small mind. After reading of your travels, downtown sounds evern better.

    Keep up the good work in LV flushman and all the worse to you (akin to break a leg).....
    Love your reports

    Frank (frankie two skirts) Nic...


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