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Join Team Royal Flusher! Throw Poon a Bone!

There is more than one card in a Royal Flush - it's a team effort. I love writing about my experiences and observations in Vegas, and I love doing the blog. But it does take dough out of Jimmy Poon's pocket to keep up with the domain name registrations, roaming costs to do live updates, and so on.

The easiest way to be a Royal Flusher Face Card is to book your Total Rewards (aka Caesars Entertainment) stays through this link:

Book Total Rewards (CET) and Throw Poon a Bone

It's the same TR site you're used to - just log in, and book, and Flushiepants gets a small piece of the vig, instead of The Man getting all of it. You can sleep the sleep of the degenerate in your comfy CET room, knowing that you've helped the savviest Vegas blog on the http! (You can also click on any CET ad on the site and book that way too, and Jimmy P. gets a piece of your pie.)

It costs cold hard cash to maintain a gambling bankroll a soon-to-be award winning Vegas blog. Here's another way to keep the gigglebits flowing out of Flusherville - make a donation to support the cost of web hosting, maintaining domain names, and tips for cocktail waitresses. Or, if you want, you can even indicate how you want your hard-earned cash to be - ahem - utilized.

Same goes for MGM Resorts.
If you aren't prepared to shell out cold hard cash, as mentioned, if you are going to book a room anyway, or maybe some show tickets, and you see something here that catches your eye, remember that Jimmy Poon gets a teeny tiny slice of the Vegas pie for goodies booked from the site, once your stay is completed.

It's a long shot but hey, you never know. If you're gonna do it anyway, throw Poon a bone. I appreciated it, and so does Jimmy Poon.

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