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The Legendary Lion's Share Progressive Slot at MGM Grand

There's a slot machine at the MGM Grand that I love loved to play called the Lion's Share.

Update - it HIT on Friday August 22, 2014!!!!

Won by a couple, with $100 in. Took 5 minutes. Picture courtesy of Tanner5586 on VMB.

Why do I love it? Because it has a $2M plus prize, because it's old school, and because it never hits.

This 20 year old machine, because it is part of a progressive, can't be taken from the MGM Grand casino floor until the prize is won. It's been sitting, by itself, the last standing member of what was once a bank of machines, for years.
Vegas Vacation showed that the bank of machines has hit at least once. Now there is only one machine left.

Here, from various Vegas trip reports, are links my exciting encounters with the ephemeral, illusive, illustrious, wallet-draining Lion's Share slot machine.

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