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Vegas Revenge - Part 2 the Sequel 3: Avenged Trip Report

Yup, its on again - Vegas Revenge - Part 2 the Sequel 3: Avenged.

Mrs. Flusher headed off on a solo trip, trying to hog all those great Four Queen's comps which included ROOM SERVICE.

And, after 25 years of slaving for The Man cranking out Size 7 grommets at North American Veeblefetzer, I was awarded a FREE TRIP TO VEGAS (as long as I used my Air Canada points).

And I will hopefully claw back some of the $2,750 the house edge owes me!

It's on, baby. It's on. You can call it Epic. You can call it Sick. You can call it Savvy. You can call it On. But you dasn't has to call me Johnson Royal Flusher. Unless you want to, of course.

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