Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Lazarus Update

Here's the latest from the lovely California Casino and Hotel, where the Island Senior Girlfriends are a-plenty.

The idea that I could blog from my phone is proving unmanageable.

There used to be a Blogger app - I still have it - but its discontinued. Every time I try to use it, it crashes. Maybe that's why.

The Gooble people say to use the regular Gooble Blogger web interface instead. On your teeny piPhone screen. I tried it. It made me weep with frustration.

They also said you can post by sending an email to your blog. I tried that too. The results are unsatisfactory when images are involved.

So I apologize for the previous two posts' suckitude factor!

Now, back to the little comeback experiment.

Lazarus is in the house

So I lost the next $20.
And the next $20
On the third $20 I switched to Bonus Poker.

Meanwhile  the Quad Queen is mostly losing even though this:
By now the Double Double Bonus people's heads are exploding.

I played my $20 down and Lazarused. I got a dealt flush and worked it up to $20.

And then this:

A Man's Got A Job To Do

It's been an interesting morning.

The water is off, the challenge is on.

And that challenge is to turn this into $600.

Oh shit. At least there is no kicker!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Playing at Main Street Station - or Ston

It's been cloudy and rainy here in Vegas since we arrived late Saturday night. But the clouds have been pushed out by the smog and the sun is shining as best it can.

It really is smoggy - I can barely see the mountains to the west.

Somehow breakfast got way-laid by video poker at Main Street Station.
Breakfast is served, Flusher style.