Tuesday, August 23, 2016

It's Offer Time for Vegas October 2016

As my Dad used to say after a few Carling Red Caps:

She offered her honor
He honored her offer
And all night long
It was honor and offer

I was eight years old. I didn't get it, but I did get an earful when I repeated it to a teacher.
Now it's time to look at the offers that are rolling in - offers for comped goodies. If you play the Vegas game at all, you understand at some level about comps. Comps, those wonderful freebies that casinos use to convince you to give them your paycheck, never mind that the comp is worth just a fraction of the small fortune you are donating to their coffers.

I'm in the throes of planning... the next trip. And it's going to be a full-on Quad Queen enabled dilly. But even after 59 trips to Vegas, I still have a few things to learn about comps. And I'm learning them the hard way.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Scrounge Trip Bean-Counter Math Poindexter Comp Spin Wrap-up Post

What a trip! All in all, it was a huge success, except I didn't get to play enough. But I had a lot of fun, and I had it cheaply.

And now it's time to enumerate some of the goodies I cashed in on to see how much value add I got from the trip.

Everyone loves a comped room. But there are a couple of things to consider that make it one of my favorite comps:

Thursday, August 4, 2016

What's up, Flushiepants?

What's up Flushipants? Lots! I still owe you guys a post with some info on all the comps and stuff I got on the $1000 Scrounge trip, so that I can feel better about the fact that I'm over $5K in the hole so far this year.

I've been busy over on Royal Flusher World. And so has Jimmy Poon. Oh boy has he been busy.

We determined that the old blog template had a few minor issues:
  • it was as eye-dazzling and discomfiting as a thousand truck headlights bearing down on a single deer
  • it didn't work well in tablet browsers, often crashing them
  • it didn't work as well on smartphones as it did on the desktop
  • it actually didn't work on smartphones at all
  • it was very green

Friday, July 29, 2016

Moon Me Over Mandalay Bay

Day 13 - Part 1

What a long way I'd come. The goal was in sight. I'd had probably the lowest-rolling trip out of almost 60 attempts, and most of my objectives had been met. I still had a good portion of my $1000 bankroll, and most importantly, I'd had an absolute blast.

The morning looked like this - get totally packed and ready to walk out the door to the airport, then go down and have breakfast at the buffet, and a quick last shot at video poker.

But first, the last of the k-cups to make my own coffee and stiff MLife out of $4 a cup. Damn it felt good.

I did my suitcase's bidding and got everything ready. You know how it is on that last day. You're a bit tense, packing is nothing but a chore, and your fun has come to a close.