Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hope I can remember what happened in Vegas

I hope I can remember what happened in Vegas - because it has certainly been a completely wacked and unpredictable time.

And I can't wait to get home tomorrow and start writing up the proper blog.

I'm staying at the Downtown Grand for the first time and I love it except for one thing - the horrid video poker paytables.

Lots of us have lobbied in social media for a change and I spent some time talking to management today and - here's the decider - filling out a Customer Comment Card. I know this will get them moving.

Because, honestly, I enjoy the hotel so much, if the video poker were competitive with establishments one minute away (if you get the light on Ogden), I would stay over and over and pound the machines silly, like we do at the Four Queens and the Cal.

Remember we did about $52K in coin in at New Years? I put in about $5K at the Grand - and then only because I was chasing an Aces progressive.

But back to remembering the trip...

Fortunately, I have pictures.