Friday, April 28, 2017

That Blackjack Strategy Which I Will Use

We were sitting around just now, having a Friday Night Smash.

The Friday Night Smash is a long-held family tradition with we Flushers, starting with my parents who would make themselves a nice frozen dacquiri on a summer's eve.

I, Flushiepants, have embraced the legendary Friday Night Smash and in fact, improved on it.

First, I started expanding the league with a team on Thursday and the Thursday Night Smash was born. Wednesday Night demanded a Smash and promised to build a new bar to accommodate it, Tuesday and Monday Night Smashes dropped into place like totalitarian state domino countries.

Every night is special now, a Chez Flusher.

I haven't mentioned Saturday Night. Tablestakes. Goes without saying. Sunday night is my liver's night off.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Royal Flusher's Craps Strategies and Examples

In the previous post, I went over the bits and pieces from the Dice Doctor book that I like. I won't redefine things like Qualified Shooter, Lockup Rack, or Double Dutch Oven Rudder here.

For my upcoming trip, I need a low-rolling low variance bankroll preserving strategy with a potential huge upside when a monster roll comes around.

Royal Flusher's Craps Strategies

My basic core strategy is fairly simple, but honestly, might be awfully boring. But then again, spending 5 or 6 hours watching Bingo at the Plaza because you have no money is also boring. (Actually, that's just an assumption on my part - must try this!!!)

Royal Flusher's Super Cheap Craps Strategy

Here are the basic elements of this strategy:

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Royal Flusher Meets The Dice Doctor

The upcoming trip is shaping up! The odd offer continues to dribble in and onto the carpet, like 90% of what Chippy drinks as she's walking away from her bowl.

A dribble here, a dribble there... it all adds up.

Two nights Sunday to Thursday and $0.00 freeplay is what I call a bit of Nugget Love. Can't decide between smooth and crunchy for that 'offer'. And The Orleans (not just any Orleans) threw 3 nights and a BJ tournament at me.

Sadly the dates don't line up or I would have them on their knees. Financially speaking, of course.

Binions continues to shower me with freeplay, ponying up $10.00 in the month of June. It's half the usual amount, but it's also for only one month and not two.

But what about the actual gambling once I get there? How is that going to shake out? Well, I have a plan. And it starts at the craps table.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Las Vegas Trip-Plannin' Gyrations - The Strip and Off Strip

There's Vegas. And there's reality. Being in Vegas is like dreaming. And then you wake up in your hovel, heated by a coal-fired soup can stove, eating dollar store frozen dinners heated in your armpit, poaching the library internet, and wondering just where you went wrong.

But, a little hard work can remedy those justifiable feelings of despair - and it's even better if its paid work.

Case in point, I looked out my window today to "see what that gawdawful fucking racket" was and spied my next door neighbor, Jay Koy, running a wood splitter next to a huge pile of what had to be, upon close inspection, unsplit wood.

(Insert painful split wood joke here.)

He had a trailer backed up near the splitter, and his wife was handing him logs.

(Insert wife / log joke here. C'mon you lazy bastards, write your own for a change.)