Sunday, November 23, 2014

Secret Spanish Sauce du Luxe a la Tomato

Day 9 Sunday Nov 2, 2014 - part 1

We did our 5th dollar Jacks session of $10K coin in each in the morning. I had a nice steady time of it, hitting five quads and finishing up $100. Now that was more like it.
Where did this come from? IT'S IN THE SAUCE!!!!
And yet... we still could not get a dollar royal at the Four Queens. We had been talking about whether we could tie our record of six royals in one trip, something that seemed so, so out of reach on my last disastrous trip where I didn't get one in 12 days of play.

The Quadless Queen had a terrible, terrible session - she got no quads at all. It's baffling and I'm only realizing as I'm writing up the report - in a nutshell, dollar Jacks does not seem to be her game. At all. She lost $800 on the session, which is totally understandable if you don't hit any fours of a kind.

Her day started off in a big fat fucking hole and she wasn't happy. One of the things she wanted to do was play some 100-play - but there were these two guys that were camped out on the machines - All. Day. Long. I mean allll day long. Hours and hours. I'm sure they are wonderful degenerates like us, but right now, they were in the QQ's way.

Breakfast at Magnolia's feature a return of the Secret Spanish Sauce du Luxe a la Tomato. I ordered some food to accompany it too. One of the things I ordered were the turkey meat sticks. They looked, well, as bad as the picture rightcheer. But I knew what to do - have them with Spanish Sauce du Luxe and I'd be able to choke them down.

We played at the Golden Nugget at the bar for a while, during which time I gave the Smug Nugget a light rogering, in the Boner Deluxe position. Just a warm-up.

The Quad Queen got on the board with a Boner Deluxe quad of her own, on 50 cents. Going by the picture, it was on her Lazarus hand. And then she headed up to the room to have a leisurely bath.

I went back to the Lonely Sloping Jacks machines. I wanted to play the end machine again - I had this feeling about it, that it was going to be a good one.

I booted the thing up with a hundy and started to play. It felt right and I was doing just fine. I muttered quietly to myself, out loud, "...this machine is going to give me a royal...".

And, about a minute later, well, it did. I was flabbersmacked. In happy-shock. My second dollar royal of the trip, our sixth combined royal, tying the record set in The Victory Trip, which purported to be the lucky trip to end all lucky trips. Well, if I've learned anything, it's never say never, never say purported, never say lucky trip in reference to the lucky trip you are on, and more importantly, never order the goddawful turkey sausages at Magnolia's. (Although... they are purported to give a lucky trip.)

Now it was my turn - I started phoning the Quad Queen with a vengeance, over and over until she had to get out of the tub. I made her get dressed (after drying) and come down to see the magnificence of my heart royal flush.

Actually, I'd hit the progressive - which tacked a full $16 on to my win ($11.80 after taxes) - giving the Smug Nugget a Full-on Rogering in the Royal Flush position.

I lay the blame squarely on the lucky Spanish Sauce du Luxe.

Man what a trip I was having! We were into the second week. I could probably coast it in from here and still have a winning trip. I wouldn't have to worry about what a shitty trip report it would make like I did last time. I wouldn't have to think about hanging around in dodgy taco stands where a catfight might break out so I'd have something interesting happen to write about. All good things!

The Quad Queen came down in time to take some pics and see me get paid.

We headed up to the room to take some money shots, and store some hundies in the safe. It was so nice to be putting hundreds back into our little brown envelope, the one we'd brought our stake to Vegas in, which had long since been depleted.

Again harping on last trip, I'd wanted to play some dollar Jacks in the high limit lounge at Luxor to see what offers might crop up (and to hopefully win their money).

So, we grabbed the rental, and headed off down to Luxor, back where - can I say it? - this JOURNEY - started for us in Vegas, some twenty years ago.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Boner Deluxe Rewind Reduxe

Day 8 Saturday November 1, 2014 - part 2

The picture she'd sent looked like this picture (because it's the same picture, duh.)

Holy crap! The Quad Queen had brought home our fifth Royal of the trip! Oh, but what denomination? I hoped it was more than quarters... zoomed in and, yeah, 50 cents, Awesome!
Royal Number Five between us for the trip.
Unreal. Five Royals in a week of play in Vegas. We were truly on a hot, lucky streak.

I dressed and headed down and she was still waiting to be paid. It took 40 minutes. She didn't tip the guy. I always think its a mistake, but on the other hand, who tips for 40 minutes waiting? I mean, this isn't the Delano valet, now, is it.

At this point I had $100 left of my stake and we tried some Deuces. I was actually doing okay at it, but there was a lot of screwing around, changing machines, breaking the readers, etc. etc. etc. I just couldn't get into any flow. I was actually up a bit but then I got this... itch.

"I... have to go play Boner Deluxe. Now. I have to," I said.

"Go, already," she said.

The bar was right behind me and I picked a lucky stool (I hoped).

The bars at the Nugget have a different vibe I can't quite put my finger on. Or maybe I was just thrown off by the guy two seats down who was completely, thoroughly wasted, and whose every other word started with mother. You get it, right?

I put my ticket in and punched up dollar short pay Boner Deluxe... and within about eight hands, hit a quad for $400. I was in the zone.
The Quad Queen joined me. I played on and got down to about $250 in the machine. I was getting concerned so I switched to Bonus, to lower the volatility. Getting paid 2:1 for two pairs instead of 1:1 makes a huge, huge, difference in longevity.

I played Bonus for ten or fifteen minutes.

"You know what, I'm getting that feeling again..." I said. It's all horseshit, but one thinks one gets these lightning bolt ideas that have some bearing on the play.

I switched back to Boner Deluxe and with five or six hands, I hit a quad for $400 again. All horseshit?...
Weirdness at the bar continued with the barkeeps trying to remember various songs (I helped) and at one point, one of them whipped out an instrument and proved that you can play rock and roll on a ukelele. My daily dose of WTF I guess.
"Do you know your monkey peed in my martini?"
The machine had about $575 in it, and I played it down to about four hundred and change. And I hit another quad. I kept going for a while, hoping for more, but it wasn't happening, and I preserved the win, cashing out at $800. And that put me about even on the day! It was astounding, I never expected to have a break even or even possibly winning day after the amount I dumped on the dollar Jacks play.
Meanwhile, the Quad Queen had put about $400 into various things at the bar and thought, "Quad Queen see, Quad Queen do..." and switched to Boner Deluxe, and got her own quad. So she cashed out even on that session.

For dinner, we decided to eat at the Chart House at the Nugget, we even dressed for it. We went up to the suite, made a reservation, had a drink, got changed and looking good, and headed down for dinner. The Chart House write-up will appear separately.
Dinner was great. Mrs. F had a $100 bonus from Royal Canadian Veeblefetzer to use (awarded for accurate estimatin'), and we each had a $25 Landry's club card bonus to use. When it was all said and done, dinner cost us eight bucks, which we put on the room.

After dinner, we played the lonely upright Jacks machines in the sloping hallway by the Hand of God gold nugget. These machines are wierd because the hallway slopes down. If you play on the far end, the machines are way up high. We opted for the low end, nearest the casino.

The Jacks are short pay but what the heck. We wouldn't be at it for long. In fact Mrs. F hit a quad, doubled her buy-in and cashed out.

I, on the other hand, put in $100, went down down down, and went as low as $15. Then it because a 'project' - could I come back? Could I win money? Mrs. Flusher had cashed out and it was the two of us, talking trash, goading the machine, giving a running commentary, cheering and jeering, and me trying to win like it was a football match. It's always a blast.

 I hovered around $40 to $50 for ten minutes or more. I managed to claw my way back to $100 after about twenty minutes.

 "Where is that quad??? C'mon machine, where is it, where is it, where is it???!"

 I worked up to $195 - the kiss of death number, just $5 short of my goal. Did I cash out? Not on your life. Of course it started dropping then, but after about half an hour of this wrangling, I got my quad. Woohoo!

 I was up as high as $300. I actually meant to cash out but didn't see it and played another hand. But I actually showed some common sense and restraint and cashed it out at $250. That actually represented my win on the day.

 It was a good day. It was a very good day. We'd had some lows. We'd had a Royal. We'd had fish. But the very best, most romantic thing of all was... we'd get an extra hour of sleep, because the time change had arrived.

 After over a week of banging dollars, we were up on the trip again, we had more food comps than we could eat at the Four Queens, life was good.

 Royal Flusher: Day +$100 Trip +$1750
 Quad Queen: Day +$1470 Trip -$1080

 Combined: +$670