Monday, May 22, 2017

The Torn, Stained and Frayed Fabric of my Life

Yesterday morning was kind of weird. I decided to head to Bally's to play some and seed possible future CET offers, which seem easy to come by and are useful if staying on the strip and if T.I. dries up.

I played more at T.I. than I thought I would, but not nearly as much as I have been.

Plus I won.
Next dog's name.
I hadn't been to Bally's in ages and ages so off I went, stopping off for Scottish food along the way.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Take a Hike

How many times have I heard those words, "Take a hike, D bag"!

For once, I thought I would follow the advice graciously offered by so many lovely ladies that I have tried to strike up conversations with. Apparently, Victoria's Secret is not a good place to meet some new faces.

It's getting a bit hotter in Vegas under the relentless blazing sun and I wanted an early start. This translated into sleeping in until 9:00. No matter.

To protect my skin from the R.B.S., I filled the tub with SPF 9000 and hopped in. At least, that's what it felt like. I was slippery and R.B.S. safe from the coating of goop I put on.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Beauty of the Inept Gambler

What's better than starting the day with a $5 cappuccino from Starfricks? Starting a day with a $1 cappuccino from Wynn's cocktail goddesses.

I had the most amazing sleep Thursday night, only 6 hours, but only one blue line in my Fatbit app. That tells me I slept well. I sleep better in Vegas than anywhere else. Including bed.

(This is ironic because I actually fell asleep at a Beeeffalooo! machine around 1:45am last night - but I'm getting way way ahead of myself).

After getting dressed and exercising the morning toothbrush optional ritual, I hauled ass across a couple of bridges and found myself soiling the plush, freshly cleaned carpeting of Wynn Las Vegas with my 'not worthy' Pig Pen walking cloud of dust.
My technique is for advanced casinohunds only, but I'll share it here. When you desire a drink, coffee, or other libation at a time when the casino is not busy, do not sit down and pray that a CW shows up. You could be there until one of the tuxedo wearing Wynn cleaning staff is brushing cobwebs off of you.

Here's what you do:

Friday, May 19, 2017

How Low Can Culinary Go?

Thursday was moving day. I'd be leaving all those hot Ms. Seniors behind at the Tropicana (don't you just want to crawl into one of those make-up caked wrinkles and just snuggle there forever?) and moving on to T.I. aka Treasure Island.

I'd had such a stellar first night racking up a gigantico $5 win and then been so disappointed the next day, losing some, that I forced myself to work on a blog post, skip breakfast, and nibble on the other half of the Trop cookie, and some punishment nuts from home. I splurged on a large Americano (which took 25 minutes to purvey from the clueless baristas in the lobby of the club tower - I've seen glaciers move faster than these lumps).
Punishment Breakfast. Except for the rather good halfa cookie.
Think I'm being harsh? One of the two cash registers, when manned, takes cash only. It was like that yesterday and not fixed. Thus the line 30 people deep.