Friday, October 24, 2014

Las Vegas Trip Reports by the Pantload

I've been writing trip reports for quite a while now, and it wasn't always easy to figure out what was where or read back through a trip... well, be frustrated no longer! It's now easier than slipping a twenty dollar bill into a video poker machine and watching it go up in smoke to read all the thrilling and degenerate content on this site!

Here's the chronological index of all the trip reports posted here on Las Vegas the Royal Flusher Way. Enjoy!

Special Guest Trip Report! Squidward's CES 2013 Trip Report

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Cavalcade of Disappointment!

I didn't post these throughout the trip report, but it's kind of interesting in a horror-show kind of way.

The Quad Queen says one or two hands make or break a trip. I think she's right. I get one of these, especially a two-dollar Royal, and it's a completely different result.

Anyway, here are the close calls.

One card off $8000.


As far as wins go, I had one for $500, one for $400, one for $250, four for $200, one for $175, a couple of $150s. The rest were all $125 or less.

Over 13 days that is not going to be a winning trip. On the other hand though, I have these pens which are worth $670 each.

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