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Friday, August 28, 2009

Blowing through the budget?

gambling bankroll cash hundred dollar bills
A nice Las Vegas gambling bankroll.
Our current daily gambling stake is $300 each. However, with many hours of exertion playing quarter Video Poker, we typically translate that into a Win Rate of -$100. Sure, some days are better than others, but that is the typical Win Rate. We bring enough funds that we could have a much larger (negative) Win Rate. But on our worst trips, we've never blown through everything. Ever. The closest was going through about 1/3 of what we brought.

In fact, for a 10 day trip, I'd be comfortable with bringing a total sum of about $150 per day each, and use the $300 stake value.

But now Mrs. F. wants to do things differently. She doesn't want to be fettered by the $300 a day stake (which is really a stop-loss, or stop negative Win Rate value).
No, instead, she wants the $300 stake per day times 10 days up front. That's a bankroll of $3000 for the trip, ready for her to draw on as she sees fit. This way she can have a bad day here and there and drop three grand without blinking an eye not worry about it.

My concern is fairly simple. If she goes on tilt, she could blow through the whole three grand on keno tickets at the El Cortez.

Now, I know my Flusherette and if anything, she is a better VP player than I. And she works at North American Veeblefetzer just as hard as I do, in the estimatin' department. So it's not for me to say how she risks her Veeblebucks.

Maybe what is concerning me is that if she uses this method, I'm going to use it too. And I could definitely go on tilt. I believe my worst day is around a Win Rate of -$565. Not a good sign.

But, its been many many trips with the old method, and we've trusted the math up till now.

Vegas is about breaking boundaries and taking risks, right?

On the other hand, I'm not keen on the idea of dropping $6000 in a few days and having to work double shifts on the grommet line to make it up.

If it happens, I sure hope I have some good stories to tell afterward.

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