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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Video poker tournament triumph?

Royal Flusher BConnected slot card

Just got off the phone with my host from MSS. I used my secret direct-access priority '800' number to call directly to my host - again there was a mixup because I had to listen to a number of recordings and Ponzi scheme pitches before I reached the reservations clerk who transferred me.

"Hi there, Royal Flusher here, just calling to receive the good news that I am invited to the $10,000 in prizes with $5000 first prize Video Poker tournament!"

"Oh hello... well I sent an email on it..."

"I presume I will be able to get a machine near the Quad Queen's when I compete, right?"

"You don't qualify."

"Hmmm, there seems to be a misunderstanding. Surely a whale such as myself has enough quarter play to warrant an invite."

"Well, we looked at your play. Your wife qualifies, and you don't."

"Well then. Hmmm. I will simply have to make up for this by winning a lot of cash from your various casino games. Thank you for trying."


No Video Poker Tournament for The Flusher. How will I make this up to myself???

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