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Friday, August 21, 2009

Vegas Mail Call!

Four Queens Hotel and Casino Fremont Street Experience
Four Queens on Fremont Street

This is getting sweeter and sweeter.

Picked up the mail today and there is a nice offer from the Four Queens for me, Royal Flusher.

All I have to do is show up at the Casino and they'll load 50 bucks in free slot play onto my account. And I have a 2-for-1 meal at Magnolias. Mrs. Flusher already has 80 bucks coming at Four Queens on the offer we already booked.

There is nothing sweeter in this world than going to a favorite casino, and having them provide the funds to gamble with. It is like having your cake, eating it too, and then gambling for free afterwards on Mr. Casino Man's dime. (Or quarter.)

That about covers the cost of one of our flights. (I'll put together an accounting of all this soon, so I can see where we sit).

We also got details of the stupid Junior VP Tournament which I have decided to eschew. I feel that this sort of 'competition' is great for beginning players, but not for a VP expert such as myself.

Anyway, the prize money for the tourney is $15,000 (not $5K as previously cited). First prize is $5,000. And the top 40 scores out of a projected 150 entrants win cash. So Mrs. Flusher has a really good chance at scoring some dough to offset our hard costs.

I have a card from O'Fitzgeralds somewhere that promises me $10 in free play plus a $10 dining credit but its not clear if I have to book the room offer to get these goodies.

Oh yes, I do love getting casino mail.

The best part? The Four Queens Junior VP tournament is called the Royal Challenge.

Is that fitting or what?

With about $130 in free play between us, I need to figure out how we should gamble it. (Yes, I intend to get the Quad Queen to share her stake with me. Its only fitting since I did all the work to unlock the mailbox and pick out the exciting casino mail.)

If we stick to Quarter machines, we can probably play for some time, but getting a Royal Flush is a long shot. We could play short-lived high volatility VP and go for the big quads. We could move up in denomination and try to win some real dollars that way by playing at the 50-cent or dollar level.

We could play $5 VP fully loaded at $25 a hand. If we busted on all hands (a distinct possibility) we'd get back nothing to cash out. But if we hit a quad, or higher... we're talking serious dollars to take home.

It's all a choice between play it safe and probably get some cash, play it volatile and have a good chance at a decent win and a good chance at going broke, and going big - high stakes, quick 'n ugly, all or nothing, with a tiny chance at a significant score.

What would you do???

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