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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bankroll for a Winning Vegas Trip

One of the secrets of doing Vegas the Royal Flusher Way is knowing how to manage your money so you can Stick it to The Casino Man. A good money management scheme always serves the casino gambler well.

gambling bankroll hundred dollar bills cash
For trip after trip, we've used basically the same type of scheme. It has worked tremendously to shave our losses into sliver-sized pieces of gambling loss, and fairly often lately to guide us faithfully to the grail... the Winning Trip.

And so, we are ditching the system.

At least, the Quad Queen is, I'm still on the fence about it. In fact I am right on a post and it is painful, let me tell you.

Our old system was simplicity itself. There was one basic rule, and a couple of riders on top of that. Easy.
Every day we each have a gambling stake. When that is gone, you quit gambling for the day. The next day, if you need any, your stake is replenished from our bankroll.

Now, for the simple riders, if you won smaller amounts, you could replay those amounts. If you won a significant amount such as more than $129.82 at one go, you were not allowed to add that to your stake. It had to go back to the bankroll but did count as winnings.


If you won a huge jackpot that all went back home untouched no matter what. If you had a bad day you could plead, beg and wheedle and be granted an extra hundred bucks, but only after trying to build your own stake from the odd $5 bill granted you by your partner. If you slowly increased your stake to some larger amount you weren't allowed to play all of that back. Freeplay was not added to your stake but counted as a comp, for trip accounting purposes, but any winnings you cashed out from that freeplay counted as an addition to your stake and also as a win, for gambling accounting purposes. Normal double entry accounting principles are used and earnings are expressed following GAAP, with any one-time or extenuating fiduciary charges discounted from the results.

How could it be simpler???

In the early days our daily stake was as low as $80 each per day. Even with a $200 stake we found we were running out of money most days. Some careful analysis of variance, Kelly betting numbers, and readings of Oscar Meyer Wiener entrails indicated that if we pushed that amount up to $300 a day, and played more low-variance games at the quarter level, we'd be able to get through the low spots and keep playing enough so as to win back our stake more often, instead of going broke for the day, plus get a lot more comps and freebies. This has held true, so that's been our daily stake for a number of trips.

And its served us well. Only a small number of times have I ever completely Flushered out and used my entire stake for the day. It usually only happens once or twice a trip. And there are other winning days to make up. Also, usually once a trip, I have a super ass-kicking day in which I might go over budget and lose up to $500 in one day.

Okay fine, so it was closer to $600.

But it only happened once.

Per trip.

Anyway, Mrs. Flusher wants to change everything.

And I am very concerned about how this might play out. So concerned, I can do only one thing. I am going to withhold 'nooky'. (Should she ask.)

Yes, I'll withhold it for 3-7 seconds and then give in, but for her, it will be an utterly hellish 3-7 seconds!

More tomorrow.

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