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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Las Vegas trip wishlist

Main Street Station Hotel and Casino Las Vegas Morning
So, Main Street Station doesn't think Royal Flusher is worthy of their VP tournament... well, guess what, I didn't really want to attend it anyway. I can always win $5,000 in the casino somehow. And Mrs. F will prolly need my help. Its always useful when you are trying to concentrate and already in a hurry to have someone screaming at you from the sidelines at the top of their lungs.

Okay so maybe I'm a little disappointed. Miffed, maybe. Disgruntled. Saddened. Crushed, perhaps. But one has to move on, to look at the coin tray half full, not half empty and devoid of any free entries to any VP Tournament Extravaganza that I just knew I was going to win.

Planning is a vital part of any Vegas trip, so I sat down and sketched out some goals for our upcoming expedition.

In no particular order:
  • Look for a place to take the center photo of our Vegas memories photo collage dealy 
  • Check out the new M Resort, and South Point too. 
  • There's a shuttle from the Fashion Show Mall to the M Resort, so we'll probably take advantage of that. 
  • Lounge around a few times at Binion's rooftop pool Ditto California rooftop pool 
  • I have a 2-for-1 coupon for Bite at the Stratosphere. I believe there are boobies in it. (I have no clue what Bite is about, and, sadly, I don't need to. Mrs. F is more interested in riding the Big Shot than in seeing the show, so maybe I'll get to go twice.) 
  • Winnings for this trip should be in the 5 digit range. (This does not mean anything over $99.99, this means over 10 grand.)
  •  Both Royal Flusher and Mrs. F, the Quad Queen, shall have dollar royals, damn the taxes! 
  • I want to play more Black Jack 
  • Win the Video Poker Tournament 
  • Watch QQ Win the stupid Video Poker Tournament 
  • Play a few more slots - try out some of those bells and whistles new vibrating crotch slot machines, or the 3D smellovision slots, or the Obama themed slots, or the Octomom themed slots. There's a lot of entertainment value to be had, I suspect. And, I might get lucky! 
  • Play the lucky deuces machines at Binions - the ones with the 10 billion candlepower spotlights reflecting directly from the display into your (smouldering and disintegrating) eyes 
  • Play the $25 for a Quad coupon at Casino Royale. Get drunk while doing it. 
  • Visit Encore and see if the cocktail waitresses stack up to those at Wynn. 
  • Try yet again to find someone who can tell me the titles of some of the groovacious songs they play at Wynn 
  • See Santana play at the new Joint 
  • Eat a big-ass slab o' beef at the Redwood Grille at the Cal 
  • Play the bartop progressives at Excalibur. 
  • Play "spot the tourists who paid for the all-you-can-eat-all-day buffet deal" at Excalibur and sureptitiously try to bump into their swollen abdomens 
  • Eat lunch while enjoying the last bit of Egyptian theming left in Luxor (save the entire hotel building itself) - the Pyramid Cafe, if it is still there. 
  • Play the lucky meat machines at Fitzgeralds and order the 25 minute fresh fried chicken upstairs with our winning meat coupons 
  • Royal Flusher and Quad Queen to get Royals on the first night in Vegas 
  • Get some of the Aces with kicker type huge-paying quads on high volatility machines 
  • QQ to get the top prize payout on some slot RF to get a big slot win 
  • We each have to double up on a quad on Video Poker, just for a little gut-check. Maybe twice. 
  • Do some crazy press it three times bet at craps, like $5 on the hard 10 and press it up. I know its hard to believe, but thus far, the Flusher has wimped out at such ballsy betting. 
  • Play some $5 video poker, some high volatility mondo-quad game like Triple Double Double Bonus Super Times Pay Strike Bonus Bonus Poker (TDDBSTPSBBP). 
  • Visit that huge guitar store I always see from I-15 
  • Finally see the new pirate show at The Island of Treasure Island 
I know I'm asking a lot.

That's the point.

If you don't ask, you don't get.

Kind of like El Primo Spotto, which I'll discuss tomorrow. And, there's the little argument discussion about how we should handle our gambling budget for this trip...

This is Royal Flusher saying May your Royal Flushes be Royal.

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