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Monday, August 17, 2009

Wangling an invite

Las Vegas Club and Main Street Station
Main Street Station playing peekaboo with the Las Vegas Club.
First of all, wangling has nothing to do with the 'little flusher'. So get that thought out of your head right now.

I've just gotten off the Flusher-fone with my host at Main Street Station. You see, when you are a valued player such as The Flusher, you have access to certain special casino amenities. My entry-level Ruby Boyd players club card says "Royal Flusher is somebody. Somebody who signed up for a card." Among other things, I have access to an exclusive '800' number which allows me to dial directly to my host, after listening to some recordings, being connected with an operator, being connected to a couple of time-share shills, and finally, being connected to the host desk right next to the noisy slot tournament area, where I can leave a message if my host isn't there.

But she was there and I used my Flushering wiles to make a case. After all, why should Mrs. F be the one to be invited the VP tourney, when I'm the one who expends all the energy writing about it???
Taking great pity upon my poor host, I sketched out the dealio as to what was the 411 on my VP tourney status and laid down that I'm the dope and it was clearly an oversite that prevented me from being invited to the VP tourney.

I'm the dope? Perhaps that didn't come out just right, but now she knows that Ruby-card Flusher-dude is a Playah!

Anyway, the cat is definitely in the bag, yo. I explained how I play their quarter VP machines and drink their free likker. How sometimes I even gamble dollars at a time. And how I managed to miss the longest ever roll at their craps table I'd ever seen because I didn't want to buy in and break the streak and as soon as I bought in that loser sevened out.

Never mind that Mrs. Flusher has about 3,092,109,593 points and I have about 16 points - its no VP tourney without Royal Flusher present!

(And, if I wasn't invited, I'd establish a multi-party voting consortium to impose sanctions such as withholding my play.)

Oh yeah, I kicked host BUTT.

This is a sweet-ass tourney, because it gives a shot at like 5 large in prize money. And there is a dorky banquet and some made in China 'gifts' too. And no entry fee. Of COURSE I want in on that action!

My dear host said to call back later when she's made some inquiries.

I can feel it now, I'm practically IN baby.

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