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Saturday, September 26, 2009

50 ways to get your ass kicked

There must be 50 ways to get your ass kicked.
50 ways to get your ass kicked
You just play the black jack
Bet on an also ran Stan
Just play a little ke-no Now listen to me...

It's another new day in Vegas, another chance to start fresh, with a renewed budget, and get my ass kicked 97 different ways again.

Mrs. Flusher dreamed there was a dragon living in our basement. I asked if all the curtains were singed and the walls blackened. They were.

Also, the dragon was four feet tall.

Also, it was purple.

Sounds like Barney with heartburn.

The day has started well enough with a $50 quad for the missus, and one for me, plus another $31.25 one.

We ate at the Cal. I tried the breakfast buffet - free with the All-Important Aloha coupon. Mrs. F had the steak and eggs - also Aloha-covered.

As of breakfast, both of us are up. Me by $24, her by $2.

This is in no way facetious - $2 is much better than -$200 - something I have done by breakfast time.

Maybe she'll win the $5000 tournament prize. We are talking over strategies to maximize her chances. Stuff like holding only one low pair instead of two, trying to get a quad.

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