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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

All you need is Cash

Headed out to the Mirage to see Love.

Mirage Hotel and Casino with Beatles Love
The Mirage Love.
I thought it was really cool that they got access to the original master tapes of the Beatles sessions and made special mixes for the show.

For example, while waiting for the show to begin, you can hear a number of Beatles tracks without the vocals. I took this opportunity to sing along. Fortunately, I have had some formal training in my basement at home, and when I stand and face the seats, my voice really does project quite nicely.

Overall I enjoyed this show for a number of reason. One, gymnast flying chicks in lycra or flowing gowns etc. are incredibly sexy to watch. I got some great ideas for things to try at home, if I can get limbered up enough not to blow out five or six ligaments trying to wrap my feet in nine different directions at once. I can tell you though, Mrs. Flusher is in for some variety, if I can pull this off.

A lot of the stuff they did was sort of repetitive from other shows.

This sort of caused Mrs. F to be bored a bit.

For me though, the music more than made up for it.

But there was one thing missing, really, and that's the Beatles themselves, and it saddens me that we are down to only two left. Not only that, to make it worse, one of those is Ringo, probably the least attractive Beatle.

Seriously though, it was very poignant to see their shadows and hear their voices from the past, and knowing John and George are gone and we'll never, ever really have the Beatles again - its just sad.

I'm not sure if this show was a necessary excursion. It seems to dance around the whole point which is THE BEATLES and the MUSIC. Not the jumping, flying people in lycra.

Glad I saw it, and looking forward to the remastered box set coming out soon. Not sure I will see it again, and definitely will not be buying any junk from the gift shop (unless I can pick up the super cool Hofner 'Beatle bass' signed by all four Beatles for a reasonable price).

Meanwhile on the gambling front....

Mrs. F dropped $58 bucks today. Not bad for a day full of mop-top fun.

And I dropped $126 bucks. I had over twice as much mop-top, fab, gear fun as Mrs. F.

We're in a pretty big whole now... but WAIT!

I added up the comps and not including the MSS rooms lately, we are at over $900 in rooms and food comps. That offsets a lot of the gambling losses, right?


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