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Friday, September 25, 2009

Aloha Coupons and the Long March part 2

We've taken the Long March once more time from the Four Queens back to Main St Station. I would rather poke my eyes out and replace them with sour fucking unripe kiwi fruits and pull my own toenails off with rusty pliers than do this ever ever ever again.

I felt like a beast of burden (and not the good Rolling Stones kind either) slaving in the desert heat.

Started the day in the FQ with four fours on Bonus for $50 and another similar one at the Fitz. The QQ hit a quad as well.

Breakfast was at the Fremont - we ordered off the menu instead of eating the buffet again. New York steak and eggs. Well, it turned out not so good.

Cold. Tough steak. The hash browns were obviously retreads - so tough on the outside you couldn't chew them. We ordered new ones. It was like flagging a cab in New York to get the waitresses attention and when it was all over, we had to take our own bill up to the cashier because we didn't want to petrify in place for waiting...

video poker king card
I usually eat like a King. And I'm a card. And I can't be dealt with.
The waitress came running up not to make sure everything ended up okay or to apologize for the botched meal, but to make sure we were going to pay. She said nothing to us and turned and left.

So did her chances of a tip. I hate to do it and it only happens once every couple of years - but I stiffed her and that's what she and the cook deserved. She'd actually explained that the shift had changed and "he usually makes new ones...but he didn't bother this time."

Well why the frying fuck would you serve that???

Okay the rant is done for today.

We tried to shake off the bad karma. I dumped my remaining $42.50 in chips at craps. The Flusherette hammered Pick'em. Nothing doing.

So, off to Binions for... Drinks and Deuces Wild. Our fun waitress T. kept 'em coming and kept the jokes and laughter coming too.

The trend so far is generally sucky. We headed down to the El Cortez for some $3 BJ and a bash at the dollar coin-droppers in the little alcove where the rubbies go to nap and make new cardboard signs. Nothing doing.

The video poker tournament invitation for Main Street Station included some food so we thought okay, cool, maybe $20 or $40 in food.

Upon check-in here at MSS, they handed the MiSSus a missive and two massive mystery coupon books.

They are the coveted secret Main Street Station Hotel and Casino 'Aloha' meal books I always see the Hawaiian peeps with and covet having. Their use is a little mysterious - but the long and short of it is, you can have breakfast, lunch special, dinner, dinner special one night, upgrade to MSS buffet for $2 for lunch, $4 for dinner, or take $2.50 off a menu item, or order one of the entrees with the little flower symbol and its covered.


Let me put it another way - our food is covered for the next 4 days! JACKPOT.

We are now off to round one of the VP Tourney! WISH MRS. F LUCK!

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