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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Craps Wipeout

The middle part of this day has been a bit choppy and heading into dinner at the Fremont, I am down about $200. Mrs. F of course is riding high on the backs of her four ducks.

I'm on a bit of a comeback having made a few bucks on deuces at MSS, and turning $5 into $40 while getting ready to eat.

I'm decided to shoot some $3 craps after dinner, which has been a wipeout for me lately.

Pit at the Fremont Hotel and Casino Las Vegas
Gambling at the Fremont
And... craps was a wipeout. Mrs. F went on ahead back to MSS to play some VP and then retire. I bought in for $60 an ended up with $10 left. In anger, I bolted from the table, past the gummy old Hawaiian guy who bets stacks of greens on the don't, with the intention of cashing in.

Ah yes. The intention.

I happened to spot a roulette wheel. Plunked a $5 chip on 17. The number was 18.

Last chip. I grouped four numbers around 9. And it hit! I picked up $40 in chips.

I laid down another similar bet plus one on the zeros.

I won another $40!

In all, I made back my craps stake and $15 to boot. Then I headed out, past the gummy old Hawaian guy still betting his stacks of green on the don't, past the drunk couples on the giant Wheel of Fortune slot installation which really ought to ride like a tilt-a-whirl when you hit a bonus, don't you think? I headed out under the canopy into the throngs of people, the lights, the sax guy wailing his syrupy jazz into the hot desert night. Fremont street is alive tonight and I've just won on roulette.

It was make or break time for my day. I popped a $5 bill into the machine and played some Bonus Poker, attempting to replicate my earlier feat of bootstrapping $5 into a decent profit. Nope.

Sadly, one of my very favorite $10 bills met the same fate.

And then one of my very, very favorite $20 bills.

Shit. This was going nowhere fast with a side of cold fries.

(I have no idea what that means, I'm feeling literary after writing that syrupy jazz paragraph.)

One more $20. I'm in a bit of a whole now. Try Double Double Bonus, go for broke.

Dealt 3 fours. No way.

For I am up to attempt number 112 trying to get a quad from 3 cards. (My record is 113, it broke at the El Cortez. Maybe I should head there tomorrow).

A few hands later, held 2 fours, and up pop two more, plus the kicker, and my machine is happily ringing up $200. SCORE!!!!!!!

I got a $3 scratchcard too. (They are all mostly $2 ones these days).

Final stats...

Mrs. Flusher is up $485 on the day, taking a huge bite out of her overall trip losses.

And Mr. Bigshot Royal Flusher is up $10 on the day, taking a tiny baby-nip out of his overall trip losses.

It's a good day and a win is a win is a win.

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