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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Deuces Dilemma part 3

This morning in Vegas started strongly with a longish session at MSS, with a number of quads and a straight flush dealt to me. But I am Royal Flusher, not Straight Flusher (!) and much as I like it I still want that elusive Royal.

I started the morning with some 70 failed attempts to get quads from 3 of a kind.

We decided to wander over to the Vegas Club and try the Deuces Wild with the 2000 coin payout on four ducks.

We took machines on the opposite sides of the bank. I stuffed in a greasy Vegas 20 and started playing.

About 2 minutes later, Mrs. Flusher popped up like a meercat.


This may not be the actual four deuceses described... but they are still pretty.
She'd hit the Four Deuces for a $500 bounty! What a nice hit to get! This is the largest payout of our trip so far, with second place going to a couple of $200 beauties earlier.

She got paid out and I resumed play.

Two hands later I got dealt 3 of 4 deuces. As you will note, I am on a streak where I can't get a quad from three to save my life. Naturally, I failed in this attempt. Just to add insult to injury I later got a straight flush on the redeal - containing 3, not 4, deuces.

But I'm happy. The Quad Queen has fulfilled her legacy and a big chunk of our losses have been put back into the Flusher coffers with one press of the Draw button.


    1. Sweet hit! I haven't seen those Machines. I'll have to toss a $20 in
      them if I remember. Hits like those are how I got my nickname....

    2. Miracle, there's three of those beauties, two up front and one near the cashier.

      I found a similar machine in the Fremont with a 2000 coin payout on deuces but not sure the rest of the paytable is quite as good - but its close. And if I could hit the damn deuces it wouldn't matter!!!


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