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Monday, September 28, 2009

Deuces Dilemma

So, I reallllllly want to hit Four Deuces on Deuce Wild sometime soon. (And some ROYALS FLUSH, Hellooooooo).

Las Vegas Club Vintage Neon Sign Neon Graveyard

We're playing this Deuces Wild machine over at the Las Vegas Club that offers a $500 bounty on the deuces.

I'm dealt three deuces (see previous post)...

But I'm also dealt a pair.

So I have a pat hand of five of a kind which is worth $20 if I keep it. Or, I have a 1 in 23 shot at $500.

Our liquor-addled brains could not effectively figure out the Expected Value (EV) of the hand. 2000 / 23 = some number but you might still get four of a kind or five of a kind or even a wild royal if you just keep the deuces but its $20 in hand, which one has the greater value, and am I playing short term or long term...

So what do you think I did??? Keep the five of a kind or keep the three ducks and pull the trigger?

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