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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Encore, Encore!

Sam's Town was a bit of a wash - no major damage either way.

The shuttle dumped us at Harrah's, just slowed down a bit, cranked the door open, and pushed us out - and we walked right through the evil empire, and to the Fabulous Las Vegas Boulevard Strip. It looked more like a road to me.

I picked up all the porn-slapper cards that were offered to me and built up quite a nice collection.

As we waited in the rather lengthy line at the Casino Royale slot club booth, I flipped through the racy-looking cards, reading all of the girls' names out loud. I was disappointed to find only one "Crystal" in the bunch and only one "Tiffany". There were a bunch of "Miley"s though.
Casino Royale Free Fun Book Las Vegsa
Where can I get a free fun book?...
We got the coupons sorted and got down to business, and I hit my quad very quickly and got my $25 bonus. Easy meat!

Sadly, Mrs. F never hit a quad and never got the $25 bonus.

And then, I played all my winnings back in, including my $25 bonus.

I am pathetic.
For some reason, Mrs. F has $41 in food comps availale at Casino Royale - which you can use at Subway or Quiznos.

Or, as it turns out, Denny's.

But we didn't.

Wynn Encore Las Vegas Cocktail Waitress
Tommy Hilfinger was in the house.
Instead, we walked all the way up to Encore, since we hadn't ogled the amazing cocktail waitresses seen the decor at Encore yet.

I played a Star Trek slot (with the thrill-in-your-pants vibro-matic tickleball seat) for the first time (using ID Kirk1234).

I had absolutely no idea what the hell it was about other than it had pretty Star Trek pictures and sounds. And, when I lost my money and got up to leave, I walked funny.

Somehow I lost $20 in 45 seconds - about 6 pulls. My money was boldly gone faster than any money had gone before.

We returned (via the Deuce bus) downtown. The driver was hilarious, threatening to spank the ladies who insisted on riding in the stairway of the double-decker bus. Later, he pointed out via intercom the Adult Superstore. "And yes, ladies, the sale on toys is still on."

I made a mental note to pick up a Toy Story figurine for Jimmy Poon's kid.

Dinner at Magnolia's was the Prime Rib special - and it was excellent. I got to practice my pidgin French on, well, some French people, on a tour. I think I may have offended a few of them - my vocabulary is not entirely accurately remembered.

But one of the wives stopped looking at me or talking to me after a particular comment I attempted.

Instead of asking them if they liked the roast beef, on reflection, I'm pretty sure I might have said, in French, "Your wife has the torn, slutty pantaloons of a Parisian street sweeper."

And then I sang a few bars of one of my favorite French standards, which, unfortunately, came out "Mount your wife, D'Artagnan, On y danse, On y danse".

For a change, I had a great run at craps, turning my $40 buy-in to $105.

But overall, things are looking very grim in the budget department at Casino Flusher - I don't want to talk about it.

Today I lost about $61 bucks. Really, that's not too bad for a day full of fun, excitement, food, and the insulting of foreign nationals in Fabulous Las Vegas.

Sadly, Mrs. Flusher's streak of bad luck continues. She dropped $450 dollars today and I think I might cry just a little (before I go back down to the casino).

We need some LUCK dammit.

C'est la guerre.


    1. Good thing Mrs. Flusher changed the bankroll rules!!!!

      I kind of liked your original rules as explained ($300 a day, less volatile games). You see, I'm bankrolled management challenged. I have no skillz in that department. I can win $1000 in a day but lose $1200 the next day (or hour). I denomination hop, I game hop, I play everything, and I eventually lose (i've hit two royals on a trip before and still came home a loser, so what's the point? Why go? You can't win my way!).

      Anyway, love the blog, great job, entertaining. Good luck. Tell Mrs. Flusher if she loses $20, to change games, change casinos, change clothes, change underwear, CHANGE! Maybe that'll help!!!!


    2. Thanks so much!!!

      I will tell her to change machines more often.

      I will try to change my socks more often.

      The loose budget seems to be edging to a more standard 'daily stake' idea.

      Who knows, maybe I'll be tested next. These things seem to ebb and flow and ebb and flow and ebb and flow lulling you into a false sense of security and then WHAM! You either get whacked, or get a royal flush.

      Whew, I think I need a Jack on the rocks.


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