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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Craps Win at the Fremont

Update - on the 127th attempt to get a quad from three of a kind, I was successful. This stands as the (rather dubious) 'record' for abject gambling failure.

We did play for an hour and a half but had only 2 quads between us and one Wild Royal (me).
Anyway, I also finally scored a craps win, buying in for $40 at the Fremont and cashing out $71.

I stood next to a guy who looked like some sort of Michael Jackson one-glove Quaker Oats Man-In-Black cowboy. He's dressed in black from head to toe and has some strange gold jewellry on. One hand has a worn half-glove on it. His specs sport flip-up sunglasses. He was friendly enough and one of the crew greeted him with a warm hug. If you see the guy you'll know who I mean.

This guy is as interesting as the Caesars slot tissue guy.

While I was on my little craps win, Mrs. F. reeled in four bullets on DDB for $200, revitalizing her stake.

Unfortunately I am down and heading deeper.

Most things I try are short-lived and yield no paying hands of note. I call it the machine's "dumper mode".

Time for a nap because Mrs. F is down $7 on the day and I'm down $270.

At least we have a two free entree comp at Magnolia's for dinner.

View from Magnolia's Veranda at the Four Queens.

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