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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Food Tastes Better When It's Free

gigantic smothered burrito
How could this amazing burrito taste any better? A: IT COULD BE FREE
The Comp game is a big part of casino life, and its part of what makes Vegas trips work for us.

Ahhh sweet comps, the illusion that you are getting something for nothing, the taste of comped food tickling your tongue and saying to you, "Finish every last bite of this 40oz steak, you got it free, you aren't wasting a single heart-clogging bite."

I remember the first comp I ever got. And this wasn't some slot club computer calculated comp, this was the real deal, a hand-written comp slip the way it always used to be done.

I buttonholed some poor suit in the gift shop at Luxor and whined about something or other to do with the buffet, then blabbed about how it was our anniversary and I probably wouldn't get laid that night unless Mrs. Flusher was appeased somehow.

He did two things for me.

He wrote an open comp for the Pyramid Cafe which included 2 rounds of drinks.

And he gave me some important marital advice.

"Stay away from the buffet."

What a meal we had! Even though it was just a coffee shop comp, they have a pretty full menu at the Pyramid, and we feasted on drinks, appetizers, filet mignon, dessert, fancy coffee for me... the whole 9 yards. Maybe even more like 11 or 12 yards.

In putting together our current trip, I took a quick look at the expenses and comps we have on the balance sheet to see where we are. That way, I can totally relax on our vacation, as I calculate everything to the penny, rejuggling the spreadsheets and doing cost/comp analyses every 25 minutes.

Here's there hard costs we're in for, so far:

Flight - Royal Flusher$130
Flight - Mrs. Flusher$124
Left-B-Hind Kennel$250
Love Tickets$190
Cell phone re-charge$20
Bite Tickets 2-4-1$100
Total comp value$914

The Bite tickets cost $50 but I have a 2-4-1 so it kind of counts as a comp as well.

I suppose I could include some of the airfare as a comp since the flights were booked on points, but its hard to peg the value so I'll just skip it.

We get regular mailings from the casinos that [s]kick our asses[/s] receive the majority of our gambling action. These offers usually include free rooms, maybe some Freeplay, maybe some food.

Let's look at the comps I've racked up so far, the R.F.W.

MSS Sat, Sun - 80, 50$130
Four Queens, 3 nights$1504
MSS 5 nights$280
VP Tourney EV - 150/15000$100
MSS Food$40
Four Qns Freeplay Mrs F$80
Four Qns Freeplay RF$50
Four Qns Food Mrs F$20
Four Qns Food RF$10
Bite Tickets 2-4-1$40
Total comp value$910

I think there is Freeplay coming from the ElCo and from the Golden Gate - maybe $20 each or so. We'll find out once we get there.

An interesting comparison, don't you think? The hard costs are $914 and the comps (so far) are $910.

This is a half-price trip before we even start.

I guess we'll have to eat while we are there. Generally, I like to do this on a regular basis. It's pleasing on the palatte, and keeps me from dying.

Will our play rate enough food comps to cover our meals while we're there? We shall see about that!

"A hungry gambler hasn't eaten yet." - Royal Flusher

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