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Monday, September 28, 2009

Gambling is weird

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You beat a 4, you savvy player. You CAN'T LOSE!

Gambling is weird. And yet somehow has an organic ebb and flow, just like life. You can slave away for hours and things can change in minutes.

Take today for example. We got off to a great start hitting four or five quads combined... but then by lunch, we're down -190 and -85 respectively.

So I sat down at Super Aces hoping for lightning to strike. Four Aces would net me $500 on this extremely volatile game. I sat down next to a kindly looking woman and said, "I hit the Aces on this six times yesterday."

If you want to win, you need to intimidate the competition.

Needless to say, I couldn't hit the Aces. But we did go on an awesome little run, hitting Quad 4s for $100, a Straight Flush for $75, and two more quads for $62.50 - all in the space of five minutes.

It is such a RUSH!

We played around downtown for a while and I hit four Aces on BP for $100. And at this point we were both having a winning day, which greatly beats the alternative of having a crushing, losing, horrid, cruddy day (as per normal).

Then the machines went into dumperize mode. And I had a losing session at craps.

Next thing I know I'm down $180 on the day. What happened???

I gamble, that's what happened.

The 10oz (aka 1 pound) Prime Rib at Binions cheered me up a little with its meatal goodness. I freaked out Mrs. F by asking, while reaching with my fork towards a 2" square of blubber on her plate, "You gonna finish your fat?..."

Back to the Fremont to play a bit of craps, and some Pick'em. Lost $40 at craps and went to try Dick'em Pick'em.

Quads are really hard to get and on quarter Pick'em they pay $150, as Mrs. F demonstrated the other day.

I was down to about 20 credits and was dealt a hand in which I could match two 4s. Well two more popped up and I had $150 in credits. QUAD!!!!!!!!!!

The QQ said, keep going, get another. I thought, sure why not. Seven hands later, same scenario, not even dealt pair on the left, just matching two 10s and the other two popped up. The machine immediately started spitting out quarters and I had a great five minutes cashing out and scooping up 1200 quarters into plastic buckets and hauling my booty to the cashier.

$300 in eight hands. Nice.

The day finished with me up $116 and Mrs. F up $24.

That's a good day of weird gambling in Vegas.

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