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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Good Morning from Vegas

It is almost lunch time here in Sin City.

Bright Spot - seeing a guy check in to Main Street Station with a blow-up doll under his arm. I managed to grab a pic just before security got there.

Vegas check-in blow-up doll
Main Street Station  check-in- I guess that's two in the room, sir?

Dark Spot - its almost lunch and I am down $190 and Mrs. F is down $85. We've had 5 quads between us but not enough to sustain through the attrition.

And just where the hell are my Royals Flush I keep asking???

I've had now seven attempts from 4-to-a-Royal, and the Missus has had six.

Surely we are closing in on it!

Golden Gate Hotel and Casino Las Vegas

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