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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How to Learn Blackjack the Royal Flusher Way

As part of my incredibly anal detailed trip preparation for the Will Gamble 4 Food trip, I spent some time creating a custom blackjack strategy and distilled it down to 907 easy-to-remember color-coded rules, printed on a convenient single sheet of plywood.
royal flusher blackjack strategy card
Why make learning blackjack basic strategy difficult when you can learn the Royal Flusher Way, which is less difficult. Than this card.
Clearly, this would not do. I came up with a better approach on how you actually go about pounding the necessary strategy into your poindexter-sized brain, and wrote a couple of articles about it.

Here's an excerpt.

Most casual players out there don't play optimal strategy when playing blackjack. And this potentially has a much larger effect on the house edge than getting hosed by 6:5 does.
And when they are not playing blackjack, they are often playing slots which can pretty much rape your bankroll. We're talking of payback in the 86% range for manyof them.

So, whether you are playing one of the better traditional 3:2 games, or have given in to your inner slut and are playing 6:5 games to get up close and personal with the jiggle set, it makes even more sense that you should learn basic strategy to play Blackjack.

Because, even with crapjack, 98% payback beats the hell out of 86% payback.

See the complete, updated articles on Learning Blackjack Basic Strategy on Royal Flusher World.

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