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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Chili Cheeseburger Deluxe

I had a wicked tasting mess of a lunch - the chili cheeseburger at the Market Street Cafe at the California. I figured it would provide good fuel for messing with the entrants at round 2 of the tournament.

We are on downtown casino walkabout, making the rounds to our various favorite gambling spots. This helps to break the pattern of losing it all in one stretch to losing it here, there and everywhere, with 2 minute breaks in between.

At lest we are getting some exercise out of it.

By lunch there was only one quad between us.

I am at -120 and Mrs. Flusher is at -180 for the morning.

Main Street Station Las Vegas Neon Sign

The second part of the tournament is done and the Quad Queen performed brilliantly, hitting quad fours with a kicker for 800 and quad King as well. She held 3 to a royal and ended up 1 card short. Getting that Royal would probably have put her over the top.

Going into this round she was sitting 69th. She needs to get into the top 50 to win money.

Her score this round was 2175, and I think she has a good chance to win some $$$.

We'll get the results shortly.

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