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Thursday, October 1, 2009

I Love You Forever!

Four Queens Hotel and Casino
Four Queens Hotel and Casino - the Casino part.
We got seated at Magnolia's and Carmen took our order.

"What's the most expensive thing on the menu?", I asked.

"New York eh-Steak, $15.95"

"I'll take six of those," I said brandishing my comp slip.

"Okay, 12 steaks."

What a charmer Carmen is!

The steaks arrived and sadly, mine was well done, not medium rare. Mrs. F's was perfect. WTF???

I had to send the eh-steak back.

The replacement arrived and it was definitely not well done. It was not even medium rare or even rare.

I sliced the top off of it and it looked like a flesh wound. This slab was still cold in the middle. I think they call it 'blue'.

Dinner was ruined and the person in charge wasn't much help. She wanted to charge me for the salad and half a baked potato I'd eaten.

This was definitely NOT the Royal Flusher way.

Finally, the manager, Donna, was called for. She offered to take my meal off the bill.

Well that really didn't matter when it was comped anyway, now did it.

In the end, I received another comp for the value of the meal, and an apology. I pointed out that Carmen had been lovely and had done everything she could to make things right.

I left Carmen a tip on the full amount of the comp - it was the kitchen that let her down, and she worked hard. I let her know how it got fixed up, and that I'd sung her praises to the manager.

"I love you forever!", she exclaimed and ambled off on her duties.

It was a fitting end to a rather shitty day for me not to have supper. I took it like a man, as penance.

Cuz I'm down (ulp) another $430 today to Mrs. F's $22 loss. I have now passed her in the Biggest Loser sweepstakes.

I fell asleep to some old RnB song about Blackjack - "everything I had I lost to blackjack". Maybe it should have been about video poker.

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    1. What the heck is an eh-steak? It sounds vaguely Canadian, eh?


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