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Thursday, September 24, 2009

If you Can't Pick'em, Join'em -or- Money Plays!

So far this trip, as of this morning, I had 27 quads and quad equivalents (i.e. Wild Royals, Straights Flush).

Mrs. Flusher has had but 13.

And that is the tale of the tape.

But we're starting fresh with a couple hundy each as our starting stake today.

Off to a good start too - the quads seem to be coming for both of us.

And, we've named a new hand. As you know, the Dead Man's hand is AA88, which is what Billy the Kid had when the IRS caught up with him in Tombstone, Arizona.

The hand of Aces full of eights - AAA88 - is now called a 'Morgue'.

We played a lot the Four Queens and ate breakfast with the French people again, who are off on some l'autobus tour today. The women in the group glare at me, roll les yeux, and ignore my raised eyebrows.

By the time we headed over to the Golden McNugget, I was down 20 bucks and... drum roll... the QQ was up 70 bucks. Now that's a little different!

And, we'd hit eight quads between us.

The drinks started to flow at the Golden Nugget, since it was already 9:00am and we thought we'd see the hosts to check on a room for a trip extension. Because, who wants to leave Vegas?

They host office has a nice keno lounge just outside the door, full of armchairs.

Keno and great drink service and comfy chairs - that is living large on Fremont St!

Rooms rates were nuts. We'd downed about three highballs each, so we nearly flew over to Binions, where T., a very friendly and funny CW, kept 'em comin'.

Mrs. Flusher hit back to back wild royals, which was cool, and we were both cruising, in the zone, half bent, everything clicking and making money.

These are the times I will remember (rather foggily).

I gave Double Double Bonus a shot and was dealt (3 3 3 3) with a 9.

SWEEET! I was in the process of holding all the cards when I remembered the damn kicker! Quad 3s is 400 credits, but add a 2, 3 or 4 kicker and it's doubled.

So I got to draw for the kicker and... YES, nailed a 4.

This $200 win subsidized my day very nicely.

We had, stupidly, lunch at the Fremont buffet (zzzzzzzzz). After, Mrs. F hit the full pay coin dropper pick'em machines at the end of the bar, and I hit the craps table.

I lost about $20 there. After about half an hour, a new shooter was coming out and the point was set.

Little did I know that one of the finest moments in all Royal Flusher Vegas hilarity was about to happen. Looking back, this may have been one of, if not the single best thing I ever did in my life.

The Flusherina showed up with an entire, heavy bucket full of quarters. She'd hit a quad on pick'em for $150, and had cashed the coins out, dumping them into the plastic bucket, old school. She held it up to show me her good fortune. The bucket was brimming with coins, full to almost overflowing.

I didn't hesitate.

I reached over and grabbed the bucket from her, reached over the craps table rail, and plunked the entire thing, which weighed about 8 pounds, hard onto on the craps table felt, right on the pass line, and shouted "MONEY PLAYS!!!!!!!!!!"
Craps Table Felt and Chips
Bucket o' Coins Eye View
The players around the table erupted in laughter. But the crew! They were pointing, waving their arms, having a shit fit. "NO! Sir, you can't do that!". "Pick that up, you can't!!!". The boxman shouted, "NO BET!!! NOOO BET!!!!!"

I had them. I reached out for the bucket and put a hand on it.

"Sir, please take that AWAY, you can't DO that!"

"So...", I said, "my money's no good here?"

With a shit-eating grin, I carefully lifted the bucket of coins up and over the rail, to safety.

Right now, the FlushMistress is up $173 on the day. I'm down $66. Time to hit the rooftop pool at Binions.

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