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Friday, September 25, 2009

Life is Frigging Great in Las Vegas Tonight!

We ate dinner was at Binion's coffee shop* using the 2-4-1 coupon and paying for the rest on points. Notch another free meal. The 10oz prime rib was really good, and was a lot bigger than 10 ozes. It was more like 16ozes. In my gut it feels like 48ozes. I will probably put on about 128ozes on this trip if I keep eating the way I have been. But gambling makes me hungry!

We played Keno while we ate.

We played 6 numbers, a lot of the traditional ones we play including 23, the number of the late Ron Lancaster, star quarterback of the Saskatchewan Roughriders. (I generally play 34 as well. You Roughrider fans will know why.)

So 4 of 5 games go by and I can tell we are on the cusp of something big, since we haven't hit sweet fuck all yet. In game 5, 5 of our 6 numbers come up in the first 12 or 13. One more number and we are good for $1500. HOLY SHIT!!!

The last number we need is 23.

So, I start screaming, "GO LANCASTER!!!! GO RONNIEE!!!!!!!!!"

But Ronnie must have gotten tackled in the back field and coughed up the ball.

I now know that Keno is not fixed, because we actually won something. Yes, we shared an $87 win.

Time for our match plays.

We plunked down $10 on the passline on one of the front tables (the one facing the pole dancers, with a very good view of the very hot pole-dancing dealers in the passion pit, especially that busty blonde one who smiled at me the other day when I drooled on my shirt a bit.)


Shooter came out. Point was nine. Next roll, Nine. We each won $10 on the pass line bet and an extra $10 for the coupon. Nice.

We headed back to the Four Queens and hit the JoB. And we had a pretty good run at it. Mrs. F was all tuckered out after a long day of eating, drinking, sunning, and gambling, so I took her back to the room, tweaked her little toes under the covers, and then headed down to the Four Queens casino for one more bash.

Four Queens video poker jacks or better four of a kind

She had notched winning day and I was just short of a win.

Well! I went on a tear on Jacks and turned $20 into $80, including getting a dealt quad.

What a great day!!!

Mrs. Flusher redeemed my faith in love and video poker with a win of $344!!!! She has a ways to go to get even on the trip, but maybe this is the turning point. The quads are coming which bodes well for the coming video poker tournament. (And where are the Royals Flush for the Flushers???...)

I finished up $56.60 on the day, and up $15 on the trip so far. It's like getting paid to have fun.

Life is frigging great in Las Vegas tonight!

*This marks one of the last times we ever ate in the wonderful downstairs coffee shop at Binions - the one where Benny Binion had his own table. It's been closed for 6 or 7 years. Someday, we hope it will re-open in its former glory. R.F.


    1. Sweet! Now bump it up to dollars!
      Wait, that's my recipe for disaster. She's doing good.

      My top five favorite meals downtown:
      1. Binion's burger with a bowl of chili at the Snack Bar (not the one near the poker room, the other one facing the Eastern table games, near the 4 full pay Video Poker machines).
      2. OXTAIL soup at the Cal Coffee shop, damn that stuff is good.
      3. Pizza and wings at the 777 brewpub (Prime Rib is good there too).
      4. I like the Steak and Shrimp scampi buffet at MSS
      5. Binion's steakhouse upstairs, delicious.

      Honorable Mentions:
      I also like aloha specialties in the Cal, MSS walkover, Chicago Brewing Company Pizza, the breakfast special at the Cal where you get two pancakes, two bacons, two eggs and I think it's $2. Oh yea, try the ice cream at Lapperts (Cal upstairs, across from Aloha Specialties, you'll be glad you did).

      I could go on, I'm making myself hungry (I hadn't even mentioned the terrific Golden Gate Diner yet or the El Cortez steakhouse, Flame).

      Glad things turned around, good luck!

      signed-VP Miracle

    2. Thanks for the great list of Downtown Dishes, VP Miracle. The breakfast at the Cal is 'Two's Company' and s $3.25. Sometimes I have that with the $4.00 steak and enjoy a bit of everything.

      The ribs at 777 can be very good but they are hit and miss. The onion rings are hand dipped and fantastic when hot and fresh (and get sent back when not!).

      Another of my faves is the fried chicken at the Fitz.

      Royal Flusher


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