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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

May the Chips Fall Where They May

Love Those Coin Droppers

Wed Sept 22, 2009

Back at Main Street Station, we decided to play some old skool ancient upright coin-droppers.

I said to Mrs. F "I have a feeling something really good is going to happen now."

I hit a low quad and three hands later held two Aces and got the other two for $100. (And my scratchcard was $5! We've seen only $2 cards up to this point.)

Three hands later I was dealt a straight flush. That's three winners in seven hands. I was as happy as Cinderella when she had seven hands laid on her. Or maybe it was fourteen - I'm too bashful to count.

Video Poker Coin Dropper Four Kings

Mr. Flusher won a bit as well and I ended up cashing out $200 for a $15 investment. This is better than a New York Ponzi scheme.

At this point I am up $240 on the day and Mr. F is up $50.

Plus meat.

And now I'm wandering around all the time muttering "I have a feeling something really good is going to happen now."

Movers and Shakers

Wed Sept 22, 2009

Four Queens Hotel Casino Las Vegas Fremont Street
How fun it is to drag 87 pounds of luggage 5 blocks in 100 degree desert heat!

I would rather pluck out my own eyeballs and replace them with freshly peeled unripe kiwi fruits than do that again, but on balance, I am too cheap to pay for a cab - or kiwi fruits for that matter.

So we'll do it again in 3 days when we go back to Main Street Station. I might need the eyeballs, and I can save the kiwis for later.

We had some lunch at Magnolia's Veranda. Played some, lost some, and gagged some at the new stink they've imported into the Four Queens HVAC.

The Four Queens has a bank of 14 machines with "6/9 Jacks or Better" on them - as indicated by the oddly worded signage.*

We had a bash at those and I went on a tear again. Plus, I made $50 playing 100-play at 5 cents a hand.

And as it stands, I am up $290 on the day and Mrs. Flusher is even.

I'll take it!

*As of August 2017, most of those machines live on in the same place in the Four Queens, with the same blatantly deviant signage. R.F.

May the Chips Fall Where They May

Thu  Sept 23, 2009

Yesterday we finished out the day playing various machines at the Four Queens. There were some bright spots, some not so bright spots, some dim spots, and some very dark spots. Some spots were very, very, black.

I hit another straight flush, which is always cool. Dumped my buy-in at craps. We both hit a few quads but at the end of the day I was up about $220 and Mrs. F was down $200.

So the day was a bit of a wash but a hell of a lot of fun.

The free steak at Fitzgerald's has been downgraded from a nice New York cut to... something that resembled saddle leather. The steak never falls too far from the horse at the Fitz promotion, if you know what I mean. Next time we'll use the coupons for eight bucks off another menu item.

We still have a pretty big hole to climb out of. I don't like to point fingers or assess blame or anything like that.

It's not Flusherly.

I will say this though, we are down, combined, as a couple, shared, together, all for one and one for all, about $700.

Oh, by the way, I am up $20 for the trip.

May the chips fall where they may.

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