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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Party on the balcony

Spent a very enjoyable evening in the company of DonD, his lovely bride, and all the terrific hombres and ladies of VMB.

Don and I met up at the Plaza to head down the strip.

We passed some time playing VP at the bar and he used his juice to arrange limo transportation down to the cocktail party on the south strip, and back home again.

It was just a wonderful evening catching up with old friends from (VMB), and making some new ones.

I had some very fun and sometimes intelligent conversations with a couple of these folks, which was amazing considering the 9% alcohol beer B. gave me! (It was very good!)

All in all it was a welcome break from the casino grind and a reminder that good friends conquer all.

Special thank you to A. for hosting once again, in a gorgeous suite with million dollar strip views from the gigantic balcony.

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