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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Photos and Match plays

Binions Hotel and Casino Rooftop Pool
No running. No jumping. No 'horseplay'. No 'breaking glass and plummeting to your death'.
Binions rooftop pool was great! Quiet, nobody there, hot sun, great views, refreshing water. Really enjoyed it. We'll be back.

Wandered over the the Fitz to visit my birthday Royal machine upstairs and darned if Mrs. F didn't hit the BP Aces for $100.

She's on fire today!

I'm on fire too - but its just from a bit too much sun.

There's a coupon sheet you can get at Binions when you get your free picture with the $1M bucks. (They take it, print it, and give you a nice cardboard holder for it now.)

There is some gold in that sheet for the cheap bastard gambler (aka yrs truly)... a 2-4-1 entree at the coffee shop. (There seems to be no limit on this, that is, the number of coupons you can use in a lifetime, but the current one expires end Sept.)

There is a $10 match play - which is like free money - and a buy $20 get $25 in chips/slot play - which IS free money to the degenerate gambler such as myself.

We are going to use the 2-4-1 at dinner and then see about the match plays.

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