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Monday, September 21, 2009

Ups and downs and downs

Quad Queen Breakthrough 9/20/09, 7:11 PM

Finally - a quad for Mrs. F!  Dealt four kings on Bonus Poker at the Golden Nugget.

She's followed up with another one, and I've got two more as well.

Nap time at Main Street Station....

Bed at Main Street Station California Neon Lights Las Vegas
Main Street Station Hotel and Casino - the perfect place to stay in the room and not gamble. I guess.

Ups and downs and downs

Well, the QQ's brief joyous upswing was short lived and turned into a swift debilitating downswing.

During the rest of yesterday she managed only one more quad - Aces, on the wrong machine. You know what that means, right? Four Aces on Jacks or Better for 125 credits, when the same hand on Double Double Bonus would have paid 2000 credits. It sucks to gamble!

For a while, I didn't fare much better. Even the nap didn't seem to help much.

Finally, I managed a $100 quad on Double Double Bonus just after Mrs. F retired for the evening.

And I decided to check out the dice action at Main Street Station, but buying in for $60 on a $5 table is very risky. After 10 minutes I was down to about $20 in chips left when I caught a great roll by a nice Hawaiian gentleman.

My $6 six and eight place bets hit a couple of times each. I pressed them up the next time they hit and they just kept coming in, $14 profit each time.

Cashed out $135 and then went back for one more bash at video poker.


Oh Why.

$100 disappeared. Then I decided for some reason to play dollar Bonus Poker.

I played for a good half a hour with my credit level hovering around 80-100. It's the last 2 minutes that trouble me - a quick slide into stupidity and cashing out zero.

But isn't that just it? You take the gamble and if it works, you are so smart for choosing to play dollars the right time

And if it doesn't work, you are a chump with buffet gravy stains on your shirt and bootmarks on your ego.

This trip is shaping up badly.

At the end of Sunday the 20th we are:

  • Mrs. Flusher: down almost 5 bills on the trip
  • R.F.: down $200 on the trip - thanks to the last hour today.

We keep this up, we're coming home Wednesday.

Unless I sell the plane tickets for food money.

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