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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

We Eat Tonight!

Monday Morning in Vegas

Monday September 21, 2009

Our internal Flusher body atomic doomsday clocks are still stuck on Eastern time and we are up at 3:30AM.

This is vacation????

Down to the casino... Yes, this is vacation!

I got a good hour's play in at Main Street Station, but dropped $100. Well, I didn't drop it, exactly. I placed it. Yes, I placed $100 - into the machines.

Before long, Mrs. Flusher joined me. She also dropped $100. And then I dropped another $100.

There is a lot of money on the floor in the Main Street Station casino that we've dropped. Or placed. And for all that, I managed only 2 quads and the Quadless Queen managed a grand total of - naught. Zippity-fuck-all.

We're going to head over to The Fremont for breakfast and maybe pick up some stuff at Walgreens.

It's not even 6:00 am and we are down $300. Happy Monday.

Hope - Dare I?

Monday September 21, 2009 - continued

Hit the Fremont and we were too early for 7:00am breakfast.

I borrowed $40 from the First Bank of Mrs. Flusher and hit the $3 craps table. She took a bash at Pick'em.

Some guys at the table were just finishing a monster roll - they each had a stack of black chips behind the line.

Their point came in and they got down for the next point, each again with about $500 in odds. Another guy pushed a stack of green onto the field - I eyeballed about $650. The point was nine.

Finally some guys at the craps table who, like me, know what they are doing and are in for some action, baby!

I had $3 on the pass line and $4 in odds.

I felt very small.

Nine came in and these guys colored up for about $3500 each. Meanwhile, on my measly planet, I had another great run and cashed out $105 when it was time to eat. It's all relative, right, and a win is a win.

And, Mrs. F won some money on Pick 'em.


We Eat Tonight!

Monday September 21, 2009 - continued

After eating breakfast (the not-very-good buffet), we lost a bit at Binion's and then hit Fitzgerald's to play the Meat Machines.

Mrs. F played some triple double plus bonus quad bonus machine or some such and I got the only Bonus Poker machine in the bank that offered the free steak dinner promotion.

She hit quad for $95 and got her free meat dinner coupon and on the next hand I played, I hit one as well!

WE EAT TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

Both of us!!!

We walked over to the Four Queens, and zipped through the casino to the lobby at the back. We registered for our room at the Four Queens and went to the slot club to get our Freeplay - we each got $20 extra for the slot tournament that we had arrived too late for - apparently we get the $20 even though we aren't in the tourney.

So I turned $70 FP into $75 cash and the QQ turned $100 free play into $120.

That's a bit better.

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