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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Will Gamble 4 Food

California Hotel and Casino Video Poker Tournament
California Video Poker Tournament

The video poker tournament at the California was interesting. There are 276 entrants, more than I expected. Each session lasts 20 minutes and you have 1500 credits. Another meter keeps track of how much you win.

The top 50 win cash prizes, with the winner getting 5 large. Presumably bills. Five very large bills. Five very large thousand dollar bills.

The hope of course is to get quads (its Double Double Bonus), especially Aces, and of course, Royals Flush if possible.

California Hotel and Casino Video Poker Tournament

The Quad Queen did fairly well I thought. I kept track of the other competitors scores by wandering back and forth, checking scores, making loud helpful comments and expansive arm gestures, and occasionally passing 'buffet gas' when well away from Mrs. F.

California Hotel and Casino Video Poker Tournament
Double Double Bonus Video Poker Tournament Machine

Her first round score was 1465 and I only saw a couple other in that neighborhood.

After, we gave Treasure Chest VP a try where if you get a quad, you get to pick one of five treasure chests. The vast majority award 140 credits. Mrs. F hit one and picked a 500 credit chest - $125. Score!
Treasure Chest - the typical 140 credit win.
And, you know what? That was about all she wrote for the day. Ugh.

We retired to the 777 Brewpub. There is a table behind a glass window right next to the lineup.

"That's probably the least desirable table in the place. It would be like eating in a fishbowl."

The place was jammed. Finally, the hostess led us to our table.

The fishbowl table.

So, I took apart the little table sign dealy they have. It's a plastic holder with ads slipped inside, about 8" high. I turned the ad over and wrote a note on the blank side and put the thing back together.

Then I put it back on the table facing the lineup.

It read: "WILL GAMBLE 4 FOOD".

The Aloha coupon somehow covered Mrs. F's burger, but not my Monterey Chicken sandwich and rings. And I had to ask for new rings. They were cold. And actually, the sandwich was cold.

But I ate it as self-flaggellation for I am down $465 today.

And Mrs. F is even.

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