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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Binions Ranch Butterknife Steakhouse

We're still quad challenged - or at least I am.

We had dinner at Binion's Ranch Steakhouse - and it was a disaster.
Binions Ranch Steak House View
Binion's Ranch Steakhouse
The makings seemed to be there in terms of quality ingredients but how can you run out of steak knives when you are a steak house? Our food was cold and I ground my own pepper since no-one offered to do it.

And I ate my filet with a butter knife.

The bill was wrong (included some things we didn't order) and it took three tries to get it fixed.

I asked a few people about the steak knives - "we're low on them". No one there seems to care.

I can't recommend the restaurant and will likely not return.*

At this point both of us were down a couple hundred or so on the day. Well, actually close to three for me. It's getting to be very old, this losing all the time.

Then the Quad Queen turned on the afterburners and starting hitting like she used to. She hit two Wild Royals Flush, and six quads including Aces for $200.

Meanwhile, I decided VP wasn't for me anymore and realized I haven't been playing any Blackjack.

I bought in for a measly $20 at a $5 at Main Street Station and just went on a tear. An hour and a half later I cashed out $125. That took some of the sting out of the day, and even better, Mrs. F finished up $120 on the day - a total comeback of over $400 on her part.

*I could, and I did.

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