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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hell-trip 2009

Well, we're wrapping up our last day here in Vegas.

Hell-trip 2009 begins as the day ends... as we twiddle our thumbs and/or nap until the limo arrives at... 3:30AM. We have a 6:00am flight to Chicago and then a 1:20pm to Toronto.

Then we take different flights (because we booked on points) to Flusherville on the air equivalent of the Pony Express.

It's a long day of gambling followed by a non-existent night followed by a long day of travelling.

We're pretty hopeful we can get Mrs. F moved to the earlier flight to Flusherville with me. We had the same problem on the way out and it was no sweat getting us on the same plane.

They prolly only allocate one seat for points redemption on each Pony Express flight, even though they are not even close to full. So we should be able to get it changed at the gate.

McCarran Airport Jet Ramp

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