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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Take it Easy

It was a good thing we took it easy. Once I got the Royal Flush, my luck was spent. I slowly dropped about 2 bills during the day.

Just for laughs Mrs. Flusher hit a quad at the airport to dilute her losses.

We were pretty much just one royal flush away from breaking even on gambling.

The final tally looks like this:

On the day, I finished up $777. Mrs. Flusher, including the surprise quad at the airport (read on!) finished the day up $0.00 - exactly even.

Trip Stats:

Royal Flusher, degenerate gentleman gambler TM: $-183 on the trip.

Quad Queen, el Quattro Supremo: $-1105 on the trip.

Total losses/gains: $-1288

Total comps: $1509

And we still have to contact Binions to see if they will comp our room for our play there, which could add another $110 plus tax to the comp treasure chest.

It's been just a fantastic trip.

Las Vegas Strip at Night
Farewell, beautiful Las Vegas.

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