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Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Pantload of Fun

The rest of this day has been unremarkable. I'm in the hole a bunch and so is Mrs. F.

We just aren't getting the quads we normally get and really, we ought to have at least one royal by now. We've had royals in 4 of the last 5 trips and they were shorter than this one.

We need some big hands, now!!!

Tonight I'm going on a mission. It will be like a hunting trip. I'll circulate to all our favorite spots and play a $20 in each one, trying to double it up.

$20 in the California dollar coin droppers
$20 on the Vegas Club deuces
$20 on the BP at Golden Nugget
$20 on the Four Queens machine where I got a royal once
$20 on the Win Free Meat machine at the Fitz, so we can possibly eat tomorrow.

Mrs. F will stay in the room and read.

Last night we ended up getting a keno ticket and watching the numbers come in on the TV in our room.

Yes, its that pathetic and desperate.

But we are still having a pantload of fun.

El Cortez Keno Lounge
El Cortez Keno Lounge,

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